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Instant Mobile Casino Deposits Using Bitcoin

To many people Bitcoin might seem like a newly emerged currency but in truth it was founded a few years back and became a publicly available currency in 2009. While there is a fair amount of debate regarding the way it was formulated, most sources claim that Bitcoin was created by a programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day there are some who claim that this name is a blanket one for a bunch of programmers who got together to “mine” bitcoins. Needless to say, this cryptocurrency has gained great acclaim and grown in stature to the point that mobile casino operators have also begun to accept it as a legitimate form of depositing and withdrawing. Bitcoin’s modus operandi is easy to grasp and if you’re looking to start using this currency, all you need is a Bitcoin wallet.

When it comes to making a mobile casino deposit, most Canadian casinos offer a wide range of convenient and secure payment options. If you don’t own a credit card, chances are you have thought about signing up with a web wallet system. While web-wallets certainly offers a flexible and secure payment platform, you might want to check out Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin or BTC is a digital cryptocurrency that can be used for online payments and instant online casino deposits.

If you are new to the world of online gambling, you may be wondering why you should use a secondary payment system at all? If you don’t own a credit card, transferring funds into your mobile casino account can take a few days especially if the casino is located overseas. With Bitcoin payments, your funds are transferred instantly which means you can get started playing real money mobile casino games straight away. Bitcoins also offer players an additional layer of security. Paying with Bitcoin is fast, easy and means that you never share your personal or financial information with the casino.

How Bitcoin Works

Unlike web-wallet systems, Bitcoin is an actual currency that you can exchange for Canadian Dollars. In order to exchange Bitcoins, you first need to install a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone or desktop computer. You can download the mobile wallet app directly to your smartphone or tablet and have access to your funds at any time. You can also choose to sign up with an online Bitcoin wallet service where you can purchase coins and store your currency online. This type of process is similar to a web-wallet system.

You can think of your Bitcoin wallet as your bank account where your coins are stored. This means that it is vitally important to keep your wallet safe and backed up. Once your wallet is installed, you can start exchanging Canadian Dollars for Bitcoins. In Canada, there are a number of Bitcoin exchange facilities. As an active currency, Bitcoin will have an exchange value that fluctuates according to global markets and online demand.

Fast, Easy Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to making a mobile casino deposit, using bitcoins is fast and easy. In the casher section, you can tap on deposit options. Here you should see an option to select Bitcoin payments. Once you selected this option, a number will come up that is the “address” for the online casino. You can think of the address as the bank account number for the casino itself. Once you have the address, you can insert the number into your Bitcoin wallet to process the payment.

Once you have decided how much you would like to deposit, you can authorise the payment from your mobile bitcoin wallet. The funds will clear immediately and reflect in your mobile casino straight away, with absolutely no delays. You can then get started playing real money slots and casino games and stand a chance to win big, anywhere, anytime!

When it comes to withdrawing, the casino will issue your winnings in Bitcoins. The onus is then on you to send your Bitcoins to an exchange service. The exchange service will then proceed to transfer the funds into your actual bank account if you deem so fit.

Bitcoin Casinos

The rate of expansion that Bitcoin has experienced is quite phenomenal and to the point that you’d be hard pressed to find a mobile casino that doesn’t accept it as a legitimate form of payment. Bitcoins proliferation speaks for itself. Most, if not all of our mobile casinos will happily accept and pay you out in Bitcoins if you choose this financial avenue. If you’re a new a player, you’ll be able to take advantage of the casino’s generosity by way of their sign-up bonus offer, applicable to Bitcoin users also.

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