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Citadel Banking

Citadel, AKA Instant banking by Citadel is an easy-to-use banking system that connects directly to your bank account to move money from there into your mobile casino account. Citadel itself is owned by a Canadian company known as Citadel Commerce Corp that specialises in the transfer of cash via safe and convenient means.  If you’re not familiar with Citadel, you might be aware of another monetary product that they offer known as Instadebit, which is also quite a nifty and effective offering especially for use within the mobile casino industry, although it’s certainly not limited to that use. Through the use of Citadel you’re provided with a banking app that facilitates the movement of cash from your bank account, safely, and into your mobile casino account. You’ll need to enter in your banking details, but rest assured – Citadel uses the same safety protocols used by regular banks.

How Citadel Works

Instant Banking by Citadel is all about offering you a cash transfer solution that is fast and safe. To put it in laymen’s terms, it serves as a middle man software application that speedily provides safety and privacy. It can be found in the banking lobby of the casino and can be utilised in three ways:

  • The Payment Application: This requires a downloading process after which the application will then connect to your bank account. This one is ideal for your smartphones and is the most recommended manner in which to use Instant Banking by Citadel. It’s also worth noting that this app can be sued to procure other goods and services online
  • The Webpage:  This one is self-explanatory – you will need to go the Citadel website via the browser on your PC or on your phone and then use it there – it still comes down to the same thing.
  • The Rapid System: This way uses a reference number that you’ll receive to use at your bank’s website to make the transfer.

The best and quickest way to use Instant Banking by Citadel is still to go into the banking lobby, scroll down to Citadel , select it, enter the required into and let the software do the rest.

Other mobile casinos you can use Citadel to deposit: 

Advantages to using Citadel

Instant Banking by Citadel isn’t just about giving you the means by which to transact with the mobile casino of your choosing, it’s also about giving you a genuinely good and effective product. Online banking mechanisms are becoming a dime a dozen, so it’s becoming more important to promote and endorse ones with real credentials. Citadel operates in more than 20 countries, takes a few measly minutes to work and is compatible with over 300 monetary institutions. Finally, due to the very little amount of digital paperwork required on the player’s behalf, Instant Banking by Citadel is truly one of the fastest means by which to make payments and get paid once Lady Luck strikes.

Final Thoughts

Instant Banking by Citadel offers a dual platform banking mechanism that will conduct transfers back and broth from your mobile casino account. This fast banking option is safe and fast and asks very little information from you, which it also keeps safe. Citadel does charge a fee to move cash, but it’s a nominal amount.

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