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Direct Bank Transfer

A Direct Bank Transfer serves as a fast and efficient way in which to move money between two places. Implementation takes place via two ways. The most straightforward manner in which it takes place is simply between your bank account and your online casino account. The other way is through a banking mechanism that connects the two accounts. Going about it this way provides you with more privacy, and the available options are safe, secure and country-dependent. Before we tackle those options, let’s address what a Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) is in its most simplest form.

The Basics

Making a DBT can seem like a cumbersome experience to some, as you’ll need the casino’s banking details to key in on your end once you’ve logged into your bank account. In some cases, the transfer can take between 3 to 5 business days, something no one wants, especially when exciting mobile pokies are waiting to be played. So, to counter the potentially long wait, the mobile casino industry has roped in the services of DBT companies who can facilitate the process a lot faster.

DBT Options

Direct Bank Transfer solutions are provided by a series of well-known financial companies that specialise in running what can be called ‘middle-man software solutions’. These software solutions connect to both your bank account and the casino, and make the necessary transactions possible and in record time. To make it all work, you’ll still need to sign up with the DBT solution that suits you. On the whole, there are quite a few, but in terms of New Zealand, players can make use of the following solutions:

  • Fast Bank Transfer
  • Transferencia
  • eCheck
  • Instant Banking by Citadel
  • iDebit

The variation available to players is the result of the worldwide appeal of online casino gaming. One option might not suit you, but it might suit a player from Brazil for instance. The actual machinations remain the same, though. You will need to register an account with the DBT service. In registering your account, you will need to provide your baking details as this software will communicate with your bank account under safe and secure conditions before moving the money into your casino account. In some ways, a DBT service is like a web wallet, in that money is not essentially changing hands.

Casinos offering Direct Bank Transfers

This is the easy part of it all, as every single mobile casino we endorse accepts DBTs. With this in mind, all we can do is point out specific operators that we know are of a certain standard – a standard of excellence! Something else we pride ourselves on is that we’re always searching for new talent, which is why you’ll always find new New Zealand mobile casino operators through us. Let us assure you right now that every casino that we advise is ‘on the level’, and will have a DBT solution for you to use.

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