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Fast Payout Casinos in Canada Online

Online casinos do not require members to come trade in chips for cash. Instead, you simply send your online casino a request to pay out your winnings. The casino will pay you out directly into the withdrawal method you chose, or last deposit method used.

What many players do not know is that online casinos cannot just pay out winnings as they see fit. Since online gaming is a regulated industry, the casino has to fulfil certain security criteria before they award payouts. These security checks can cause delays but it’s unfortunately part of the industry.

Casino Admin

The first cause for delay in your withdrawals is the casino’s own internal admin process. Any request for a withdrawal is handled by the casino staff, which will vet your request using supporting documents that you supply. Depending on how thorough a casino is in their checks, this processing can take up to 3 business days, or even longer in some cases.

Also remember that if an online casino is particularly busy, it will take longer for your withdrawal request to be picked up and attended to. Most online casinos won’t process requests on weekends so it helps to plan your withdrawals in advance, if at all possible.

The casino is happy to let players keep their winnings safe in their casino account but most casinos will have withdrawal limits in place that can be either daily, monthly, or both. It helps to be aware of the withdrawal criteria before you sign up to a real money casino.

Payment Processing

The next and final step is for the casino to send a payment or payment request to your e‑wallet service, your bank account, or whichever other payment service you make use of. This process will add anything from 24 hours to 5 days, in the worst-case scenario.

This side of the casino process is technically out of their hands. If the online casino has a good relationship with the provider or if you are part of a VIP rewards program and you are already a high tier member, this processing time can generally be reduced.

How Important Is Cash Out For You?

It’s natural to think that the faster a casino cashes out, the better they are. This may be true in some sense, but there will always be some wait attached to your online casino withdrawals as you are making international money transfers, which cannot happen instantly for legal reasons.

If you want your money as soon as possible then visit our recommended fast paying casinos. If however you prefer safety to speed, then you can try one of our recommended casinos that take a bit longer, but who you know does thorough verification checks on each transaction.  

One Day Withdrawal Casinos

There are not many casinos from our recommended lists that will process withdrawal request within 24 hours, but those that do are trusted and reliable.

These casinos have great partnerships with service providers because they have a trusted reputation and use trusted staff and business partners. They include:

  • Lucky Nugget
  • Casino Midas (when using e-wallets)

48 Hour Withdrawals

Two days to process your withdrawals is pretty much the standard for most online casinos.  It’s the timeline that combines safety and convenience so that you can enjoy your hard won cash that much sooner.

Our recommended online casinos that process payouts within 48 hours include:

96 Hour Processing

With a 3 day, or 96 hour processing time, you may think these casinos are holding on to your winnings for a while, but this turnaround time is really quite standard- and actually quite good!

These online casinos simply take a little longer to complete their checks, but 3 days to receive your winnings is still vey fast, and certainly no reason not to choose to play at:

  • Lucky 24/7
  • Sin Spins
  • Casino Midas (when using Credit Cards)

All these fast payout casinos in Canada are safe and secure, and ensure that you get your money quickly and easily!