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Using Visa at Mobile Casinos

Here at Mobile Casino Canada our central aim is to ensure that you have the best mobile playing experiences possible. With that in mind, we bring you all the information and resources you need, including reviews of the best mobile casinos in the country, breaking news in the world of mobile gambling and guides and tips on different games.

Since banking is such an important issue for players in Canada, and we’re all about helping players in Canada in any way we can, we’ve also got the goods on the most popular and trusted banking systems in the country. It’s a good idea to check out as many as possible before you play, and Visa is the perfect starting point!

Tried and Trusted Banking  

Visa has been helping to make transactions simple and convenient for its clients since 1958, so the company has had plenty of time to prove itself. Years of experience and the firewalls and other internal security measures that Visa has in place will keep your funds and information completely safe when you’re playing at our recommended mobile casinos.

Online banking can seem a little nerve-wracking at first, and it takes time to get used to this brave new world. Using a system that you’ve known and trusted for years, such as Visa, can make the learning curve a little gentler.

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Online Banking Safety

Canadian Mobile Casino players through the technological wonders of SSL and 128 bit encryption can conduct all Visa Card payments with ease and relaxation as all our casinos implement and enforce those aforementioned security measures. Visa also has its very own shielded network that provides multiple levels of protection for the verification of your transactions. These rapid processes of verification are conducted in no more than 1.5 seconds.

How Visa’s Electronic Transactions Work

You can use your Visa Debit or Credit Card with equal ease at most mobile casinos in Canada. Since your account is already set up, all you need to do is activate the system. Make your way to the cashier interface of your chosen casino and select the deposit or withdrawal option, depending on whether you want to put money in or take money out.

Choose Visa from the drop-down menu that appears, and then, if it’s the first time you’re using this method, take a few moments to put in all your details. These will be saved and Auto-filled in the future, for even more speed and convenience. Then just enter the amount of money that you want to move, and you’re done! Funds are cleared in one of the fastest timeframes seen at online and mobile casinos today.

Card Variations and Alternative Funding Methods

Visa Credit Cards and Visa Electron Cards vary only in one way – the credit card has exceeding limits which means that you can fund your mobile casino account without actual money being in the account. The Visa Electron must however have funds in it.

What also sets these payment mechanisms apart is their use in funding alternative payment mechanisms. Ukash vouchers for instance can be purchased and funded with your Visa card, and this is usually quite helpful in setting limits for your night or day’s spending at the casino.

Other alternative payment mechanisms such as Entro Pay can also be funded via your Visa card, thus ensuring a fixed amount of money and encouraging responsible gaming at the same time.

Earn Reward Points when You Play Online

Most Canadian VISA cards are linked to a rewards system of some kind. Every time you use your card, either at a mobile casino or elsewhere, you can earn points towards your reward program. Depending on your program and your financial institution, you can cash in your points for hotel vouchers, fuel vouchers, flight tickets or food vouchers. This makes playing real money casino games on your mobile rewarding in a whole new way, and is just one of the many benefits of using VISA!

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