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Classic Mobile Blackjack

Classic mobile blackjack is probably the most popular version of this casino game available today. It requires a number of elements to come into play in order for you to take home some winnings, with aspects of both skill and luck required, but the fact that it is as straightforward as it is, and how simple it is to play, will have you picking up your mobile device over and over again to see if you can beat the house!

The high quality of the software that the top Canadian mobile casinos makes use of, and the first-rate game features they provide access to means that it can be enjoyed by players of any experience level, and you can have fun with it as a beginner, or hone your expertise as a more savvy player as you like.

The Object of the Game of Classic Mobile Blackjack

In classic mobile blackjack, your objective will be competing with the dealer in order to achieve a hand value that manages to get closest or equal to 21. The face cards are worth ten points; the aces are worth either one or 11 points, according to the player’s decision; and the other cards count as their face value.

Classic mobile blackjack is an easy game to play:

  1. The game of classic mobile blackjack begins with you selecting an amount to wager on the upcoming round.
  2. In order to activate the round, you will select the Deal button. You will then be dealt two cards facing up, with two cards going to the dealer as well, one facing up and the other one hidden from view.
  3. You will then be asked to make a decision as to what will happen next:
    1. Selecting the Hit button will have the dealer give you another card.
    2. When you click Stand, you will be telling the dealer that you want to stick with the cards you have been dealt, and your turn will come to an end.
    3. Clicking Double will double the wager you made during the first step, and have another card dealt you.
    4. Clicking the Split button is a possibility when you have been dealt two cards of equal value, and wish to double your initial wager and turn your original hand into two hands.

Dealer Requirements for Classic Mobile Blackjack

There are a number of rules that govern the dealer during classic mobile blackjack play:

  1. The dealer will be required to Hit on any Hard or Soft Hand of 16 points or less. A Hard hand is one in which an ace is being counted as 11 points, a Soft one in which the ace is being counted as just one point.
  2. The dealer will need to Hit on a Soft hand of 17 points or less.
  3. The dealer will need to Stand on a Hard total of 17 points or more.

How to Win a Game of Classic Mobile Blackjack

You will be able to win by either getting a blackjack hand; or making a hand up that totals an amount closer to 21 points than the dealer’s without going bust, or exceeding 21; or if the dealer busts.

The Basic Rules of Classic Mobile Blackjack Play

Cards will be dealt from one standard deck of playing cards, comprised of a 52 card total. The cards will be re-shuffled after every round of play, and a blackjack hand indicates an automatic win. If both you and the dealer receive a blackjack hand, a draw will be instituted, and you will push.

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