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Face Up Blackjack for Mobile Players

Face Up blackjack is a fun, fast version of classic 21 with a twist. You can enjoy this great game at any of the best Canadian mobile casinos we suggest, and there’s plenty of opportunity to win big!

During Face Up blackjack games, the dealer will always Hit on a Soft 17 hand, and when the dealer is forced to Stand, as is the case with a Hard hand of 17 points or more, the game will take over for you, and automatically Hit on your behalf until you either win or bust.

You will be able to Split any pair of cards you have been dealt for a new wager that equals your ante, and can then continue to Hit on each hand unless the pair of cards that you split were aces. In this case, each hand will be able to receive only one more card. After that, you will be required to stand.

You will be able to Double Down on Hard hand totals of nine; ten; and 11, and can further Double Down after a Split. Thanks to the fact that you are able to see the dealer’s first two cards, you will not be able to make use of insurance, and neither can you surrender. The dealer will win all hands that are tied.

Various Chips Provided for Bets to be Placed

Your ante bet during Face Up blackjack has to be at least one and no more than 250 in whatever currency you may be playing in. There are four different chip sizes: 1; 5; 25; and 100, and you are able to combine these in order to place your bets. Because this is a Face Up blackjack game, and so the dealer’s hand is exposed, blackjack will pay out even money in this game, at a ratio of 1:1, as do the other wagers. This makes it easy for you to work out your possible winnings.

Clean Interface for Face Up Blackjack Makes Play Easy

When you first play Face Up blackjack, it is likely that just how clean the interface for the game is will leap out at you. All of the game’s extra elements, like the card shoes; trays for chips; and the buttons you will be making use of during your game, are grouped together tidily around the table’s edges, leaving the centre open and unobstructed for your play.

Once your Face Up blackjack game begins, things move quickly, and the software ensures that it does so smoothly as well. Your mobile device will easily be able to handle the demands Face Up blackjack places on it, and, although there are great animations and enjoyable card flourishes thrown in for your amusement, they never get in the way of the game, and you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted play whenever you wish to!

Tips for Face Up Blackjack Play

The biggest tip you can take home is to watch the dealer’s cards! This may seem too obvious to state, but mobile players often fall into the habit of focussing their attention on their own hands, without paying any attention to what is happening on the other side of the virtual table.

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