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Playing Perfect Pairs On Your Mobile

Blackjack is one of the most popular games played in informal settings as well as formal casino settings. It is common in land-based casinos, online casinos, and on mobile casino platforms.

Perfect Pairs blackjack is a side game of standard blackjack, offering avid blackjack players the chance to engage in a bonus game and side bet that, in contrast to standard blackjack, actually does have large jackpot prizes. These big payouts make Perfect Pairs enormously attractive to players, and any beginner playing Perfect Pairs will quickly learn to love it.

The basic premise of the Perfect Pairs payout is that players will win a jackpot payout if they are dealt matching cards from the get-go.

How to Play

Perfect Pairs does not exist as a standalone game. Instead, it is run as an optional side bet in addition to standard blackjack. Players do not have to play the Perfect Pairs side game, but the option will be available on every hand they play if the casino platform they choose to play on offers it.

If players choose to play the Perfect Pairs bonus game, they will simply need to place their relevant bet before the blackjack game begins and their hand is dealt. There is often a minimum bet on the Perfect Pairs side bet, though this is most likely to be less than the minimum bet required for the main blackjack game. Perfect Pair bets can only be placed if standard blackjack bets are placed. Perfect Pairs cannot be played on its own.

Once players have placed their bets, they will receive their cards from the dealer. Only the first two cards are applicable to the Perfect Pairs game. Here, players will need to aim to receive two cards of the same rank, such as two nines. Any of the same rank will result in a payout. If players have two cards of the same colour, such as a diamond nine and a heart nine, the payout will be slightly more. The ‘perfect pair’ is formed when players land two identical cards, such as two heart nines. This has the highest payout.

The exact payouts will vary, and players will need to look at the pay table of their relevant casino platform to see what the payouts are.

A Game of Luck

Perfect Pairs is purely a bonus game based on luck, depending entirely on the two first cards a player is dealt. Therefore, there is no strategy involved or any betting tips that can be offered.

Players choosing to play Perfect Pairs will enjoy it purely for the thrill of the game and the added excitement.

Moving to Mobile

Players who enjoy playing casino games on mobile platforms will need to check if their chosen device accommodates Perfect Pairs. Most games are available either in-browser or as downloadable apps, though the latter will depend on the compatibility of the platform with the mobile device in question, be it a tablet or a smartphone running on the iOS or Android operating systems or BlackBerry or Windows devices.

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