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Blackjack Online Strategies

We’ve spoken about mobile blackjack tips and we hope you’ve been applying what was said and not just to this table game but too all your gaming activities. Remember that gambling is as much about fun and winning as it is about self-control. The idea of fun without a degree of responsibility is a myth, regrettably.  Whether you want to play Blackjack games or any other casino game, you need to keep calm and play with your head rather than your heart.

There is a lot that can be done to better your chances and learn how to win at Blackjack, but you need to remember that there are no guarantees. In setting about establishing a blackjack strategy, we need to be frank and say from the get-go that you’re not going to get some kind of magical formula to win. There is no way to have a strategy that guarantees a win. Even the physical literature available from the real aficionados will tell you what we’re saying – that at the very end of the day, the house has the edge the best you can do is try out strategies grounded within the rules of the game to win. And win you can…

It’s Start with a Chart

This is something that’s easy to come by – the basic strategy chart. You can find it online and print it out, ensuring that you always have it on hand with every round of Blackjack that you play. This is probably the best way to go about matters seeing as you will be playing on your mobile phone or tablet. If you haven’t seen the basic strategy chart before, it’s an in-depth table detailing every possible player hand against the dealer’s face-up card along with suggestions as to what route of play the player should pursue. The chart itself is divided into the following sections:

  • Hard Hands
  • Soft Hands
  • Pair Hands

Hard Hands

The definition of a hard hand is any hand lacking an Ace or one that forces the Ace to only count as one point. A prime example would be a Ten, a Five and an Ace – giving you a total of 16. You cannot max the Ace or you’ll go bust. The basic strategy dictates that one stand on any hand that equates 17 or more. These are strong hands and if another card is drawn, the potential of a bust is high. Hands between 12 and 16 are known as stiff hands with the chance that another card could cause a bust. In most cases adding another card will not defeat the dealer.

Soft Hands

Soft Hands are those hands containing an Ace that can count as both an 11 and a 1. A good example is an Ace and a 6, which can be 7 points or 17 points. In this situation basic strategy advises that you hit as a hand of this value is not likely to win you the game. Hit because you won’t go bust either.

Pair Hands

Pair hands occur when you’re dealt two cards of the same rank and once this occurs the majority of mobile blackjack games will present the option to split. Never forget the power of an Ace. This is something that should be at the forefront of all your thinking when you’re playing mobile blackjack. In fact if you get two Aces, spilt it as it will improve your odds of getting blackjack. You can leave it at twenty and odds are you’ll win, but splitting the Aces means that if one of the new cards drawn is a 10, you have blackjack.

Other Blackjack Strategies

While it is not allowed in land-based casinos, you can learn how to count cards in Blackjack when you’re playing at the mobile casinos that we recommend. This takes a lot of practice, however, and you should be very sure of yourself before trying out this strategy when you have any real money at stake.

As you get more involved in the world of mobile Blackjack you’ll learn more great tips and tricks in virtual forums by chatting to your croupier during live games, and from simply chatting with your community. Try them all out, but remember to also approach with caution until they’ve been proven for you. Remember also that any deviation from what has been explained in the strategy guidelines can really affect your Blackjack odds.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many of the mobile casinos that we feature here allow you to play for free, without making a deposit, as well as for real money. Playing without any real money bets allows you to try out all strategies and tools without any risk to your finances, and is a great way to develop your understanding and insight into them.

When you’re ready, you can place real wagers with more confidence and stand a better chance of winning big! Sign up at any one of the best Canadian casinos today and start refining your Blackjack strategy and improving you skills. You’ll soon be taking big payouts home.