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Playing Mobile Craps Games in Canada

Who would have envisioned a time when the game of craps would be available on your phone or tablet? And yet here we are talking about mobile Craps, a game with a great legacy, a rich history and one that continues to attract players. Believe it or not, but craps dates all the way back to the Roman Empire, well partly anyway.  History claims that the dice was invented in Rome and that its acceptance into the social fabric of society was swift. Put another way, people were really keen to gamble, even all those years ago. 

The game of craps has multicultural influences. The Romans invented the dice, but the Chinese also invented one. Materials for the dice itself were either bone or stone. The game as it is known and played today is the meshing of Chinese Sic Bo and British hazard. Once again, as they have done with previous casino games, the French refined the game further and gave it its name, craps. The last nation to put its stamp on this game was of course the US of A. Their final version of the game is the official one played around the world.

Craps is a well-known dice game popular for being loads of fun, and commonly known by the colloquial term of street craps, as it does not require real money to play, as well as a casino real money game in land-based, online and mobile casinos.

Playing Crabs on a mobile casino platform has become increasingly popular as players can enjoy this popular game no matter where they are, and they can access the game for some at-home entertainment, playing while waiting in queues or even take it with them on weekend getaways. The mobile casino platform enables the game to be accessible as long as there is a working Internet, data, or Wi-Fi connection available.

Mobile casinos are available as in-browser gaming platforms, making them available on any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones running on the iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. Some Craps versions are also available on BlackBerry devices. Other mobile casino platforms will be downloadable as an app and specific to a particular device or operating system.

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Basic Craps Rules

Craps can generally be played in one of two ways. Firstly, players can choose to bet against the casino, or, secondly, players can choose to bet against other players. If Craps is played as a mobile casino game, it is more likely to be played as a bet against the casino, though modern-day connectivity and online interaction also opens up the possibility that players can bet against other players. This means that players can literally play as they wish.

Mobile Craps is played with two cubes of dice and on a table that might at first appear complex, but that’s only because craps provides a lot more betting options than your average casino game. Don’t let the intricacies deter you, once you start playing the game, you’ll soon get the hang of it all. Plus, most if not all of our mobile casino operators have a practice play mode and this means you’ll be able to play mobile craps free of charge and learn before you earn.

The standard craps table can be broken up into three sections consisting of two outside parts and one inside part. ON the table you can initiate the following types of bets: Pass, Don’t Pass, Come on, Don’t Come on, Odds and Field bets. Other bets that you can also make, include Big 6 and Big 8 bets, Horn Bets and Hardways. If you haven’t played craps before, then play in the practice play mode and familiarise yourself. Also, use the internet. Conduct searches on how to play craps; you will find a wealth of knowledge on the subject, but don’t just take any old Jimmy’s word either!

The Passline Bet

The passline bet in Craps is an even money bet. This means that the amount of money a player bets is also the amount of money a player can stand to win.

Players will be able to make a passline bet on the results of the first roll of dice. The player rolling the dice is called the shooter. In order for players to win a passline bet, the shooter’s roll must reveal a seven or an eleven. This is referred to as a natural, and means that that the passline bet values of players will automatically be doubled. If the shooter’s roll results in a two, three, or a twelve, this is referred to as a craps and the passline bets are lost. If any other number is rolled, that number becomes the point number and the shooter will have to roll that number again before he rolls a seven to guarantee a win.

Don’t Passline Bets

The ‘don’t passline’ bets are simply the reverse of the passline bets. Here, players bet not for the dice but against the dice.

Easy to get into, loads of fun and with plenty of winning opportunities, it’s easy to see why Craps is a player favourite. For the best in Craps entertainment, sign up at one of Canada’s top mobile casinos and win big on the go!

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