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New games are constantly being released – that’s just the nature of the industry. There doesn’t appear to be any slowing of this industry that we’ve all come to know, like and love. Mobile casino gaming is younger than its parent, online casino gaming, but its growth is the fastest that the industry has experienced. As we all know, we have smartphones to thank for the world of casino gaming as we currently experience it. And what a treat it is! At any given point in time, with the exception of driving, handling heavy machinery or doing something important that requires your full attention, you can whip out your smartphone and get whisked away into a world of possibilities.

When it comes to features games, it’s all about the software providers as they are after all the ones who make the games, release their products at least once a month and then hand them over to the mobile casino operator. So, put another way, features games go hand in hand with software providers.

Casino Software & Features Games

It’s quite common place for the big boys, the hard hitters and the industry giants to release at least two to three games a month and this is because they can. Smaller outfits are less consistent, but that isn’t to say that the quality of their products is any less in value than those who release consistently. Let us now take a closer look at these software providers and some of the games they have released.

Microgaming:  This software provider’s influence is felt practically everywhere in the online and mobile casino industry. Microgaming’s age gives it a legacy and it’s an impressive one. It was the first company to give the whole idea of gambling on the internet a go and it succeeded so much that in its formative and middle years it was the go-to provider for a large faction of operators. Things have changed, but not because of the company – Microgaming still delivers outstanding games – but because of the competition. Today there are loads more software providers out there and this is great because it means all of us have a greater choice of games. Features games by Microgaming are:

Playtech: Speed, efficiency, turnaround time – these are the defining traits of Playtech, a company started in 1999 and one that has made serious leaps and bounds. Playtech tackles everything that gambling could possibly be. It’s line-up of gaming products includes video slots, lottery games, bingo, social games, live dealer casino games and even binary trading. For those not in the know, binary trading is like the lite beer of stock market trading. It lets you get in on an industry that’s usually considered elusive and exclusive.  Featured games from carrying the name of Playtech include: