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Playing Let `Em Ride on your Mobile

Let ‘Em Ride is a casino game created by Shuffle Master Inc. that first made its appearance in land-based casinos back in 1993.

The game is similar in layout to blackjack, but the rules and strategies thereof are more in line with poker. The layout of the game offers players three betting circles instead of the one in standard blackjack. The markings on the circles, detailing the bets to be placed, will differ from casino to casino.

Also, in contrast to standard blackjack, players do not bet against the dealer or even other players, but instead offers players numerous other winning chances. Players can also decrease or withdraw bets throughout the game, making it a pretty enjoyable game for players as they can constantly check how they are doing and adjust accordingly.

Getting Started with the Game

Before players can begin to play Let ‘Em Ride, they will need to select the minimum bets to place on each of the three circles.

Players will then receive three cards each, which they may look at. The dealer will also receive three cards, but one of these will be discarded and the other two kept facing down. Players will then check the hand they have and choose to take back one of the bets if they are not happy with what they have been dealt.

Once players have decided how to go ahead, the dealer will reveal one of the two cards in front of him. This card will count as the dealer’s fourth card, so players will be hoping that this is a good card. If the player is not happy with the card revealed, he can choose to take back another bet from the three circles. However, one of the bets will need to stay put.

Once players have again made their respective decisions, the dealer will proceed to reveal his second card that is still lying face down, completing a hand of five cards for each player.

In order to win, players will need to have a hand that includes a pair of tens or better.

The Terminology

The name Let ‘Em Ride refers to the hands that players should continue to play, that is, to let ride. There are a few strategies in place here. On the first bet, players should always let bet rides that include a pair of tens or better or any three cards forming a straight flush. On the second bet they should let bet rides that include a pair of tens or better or any four cards forming a straight flush or royal flush, as well as any four high cards or any four straights.

Playing Let’Em Ride on Mobile

Enjoying popular casino games on mobile casino platforms has become increasingly popular, as players can choose to play whenever they want to wherever they may be. Mobile Let’Em Ride is available as an in-browser game or a downloadable app on a range of devices, with the most popular ones running on the iOS and Android operating systems.

For the ultimate online gaming adventure on the go, sign up at a top Canadian mobile casino and enjoy Let’Em Ride anywhere you choose!