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Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Mobile Poker Review

The mobile Poker world is about to be taken to the next level with Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Created by Evolution Gaming, the leaders in the industry, Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker combines the attraction of a real dealer with unlimited players per hand, providing the best of two worlds. All the fun and excitement of the traditional game is present, but, going one step beyond with exclusive options never seen before in a live version.

The Game Explained

Texas Hold’em is the hottest version available today, and one of the mobile table games Canada loves. A faster, more streamlined version of classic draw, it deals each player 2 cards. With these 2 cards, the player must make the best hand possible, using the community cards dealt in the centre of the table. In Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em players must beat the dealers hand in order to win. But, as already said, there are other betting options that expand on the game, and put players head to head with the dealer and the house in unique ways.

Standard Betting Options

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em has a few changes in the betting options, keeping the player on their toes and cranking the thrills up. Before the community cards are revealed, the player must put up an ante and a blind bet. Plus an opportunity is provided for the bet to be raised. Though, in order to qualify for play a pair must at least be dealt. These betting options keep the action flowing, and ensure that every round is an exciting one.

Platforms Supported

With online Poker games Canada has often been restricted to one play platform over another. But with Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em, all platforms are supported. Regardless of whether players are on mobile, desktop computer, laptop or tablet, real time streaming is directly available. These feeds or streams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Play platforms supported include:

  • All Generations of iPhone
  • All Generations of iPad
  • HTC phones and tablets
  • Android phones and tablets

Unique Betting Options

The unique betting options are what make this form of live Texas Hold’em Poker stand apart from the rest. The Trips Bonus Set is way for players to take extra risks, and earn big money even if losing against the dealer. With the Trip Bonus Set bet the player puts money on achieving a triple, once the community cards are revealed. In this way, a bonus can be earned that will be paid out, even if the dealer wins the hand. This is a new betting option in the world of mobile Poker, and what makes it stand apart.

Unlimited Players Per Table

It need not be mentioned that with this format it is possible for hundreds, thousands, or more players to be engaged at a single table. But given the flexibility of today’s technology, each player will receive a unique player experience. The dealer will always be friendly and attentive, no matter how many people are playing.

All Enthusiasts Welcome

With the popularity of mobile table games Canada has available on the rise, Evolution Gaming’s version of Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em is sure to draw in enthusiasts by the hundreds. Plus, with it’s betting options that go one step further, players will find a little more bang for their buck, and a real time entertainment experience like never before. Regardless of whether you stream the feeds on the go via a mobile device, or in the comfort of home, you’ll always have a great experience with the online Poker games Canada has to offer, hand after hand.