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Playing Red Dog Poker on a Mobile Device

Red Dog might sound like a popular casino video slots game, but it is actually a poker variation that has become enormously popular and offers fun and excitement to players. Red Dog is similar to childhood games such as In Between and Acey Deucey.

History of the Game

The Red Dog poker game was first introduced in Reno in Northern Nevada. It is always played with the standard card deck consisting of fifty-two cards, and cards are ranked just as they are in a standard poker game. The rules, however, differ.

Red Dog Rules

In a nutshell, Red Dog refers to a variation of poker where players place all of their bets into a pot.

Two cards are then dealt to the first player. Players will then select a third card and hope that the numerical value of this third card lies between the values of the first two cards. This will ensure that players will win their bet.

If, however, the third card value lies outside of the values of the first two cards or is equal in value to the two cards combined, players will lose their bets and will then need to place this in the collective pot, even though the initial bet will have to be determined before the hand is played.

In the casino setting, the aces are always seen as high cards. The higher the card values, the lower the payoff received.

Outcomes and Payouts

Even though the basic rules reward players if the value of the card drawn lies between the first two cards, the actual outcomes and payouts are a little more complicated.

Once players have received their cards, the dealer will also receive two cards facing up. If this results in a match, the dealer will draw a third card. If this also results in a match, players will be paid out eleven to one. Any other card will result in a push.

If players receive cards that are neither consecutive nor matching - that is, fall between the other cards - the dealer will call a spread. Here players will have to match the ante bet with another bet.

In Red Dog, the smaller the spread, the higher the payout.

Playing Red Dog at a Mobile Casino

Even though games like Red Dog are popular on a range of casino platforms, the casino option that has seen a steady increase in popularity is the mobile casino. This is largely because mobile devices have become more popular than conventional desktop or laptop computers. They also afford players an immense amount of freedom and convenience in that they can be accessed anywhere and at any time, as long as there is a working internet, data, or Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile Red Dog is compatible with a range of devices, either as a game that can be accessed in an internet browser or as a downloadable app. Mobile games are available on tablets and smartphones, including iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices.

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