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Playing Super 21 on Mobile

Super 21 is a classic card game available in land-based as well as online and mobile casino platforms. There are various benefits to playing on each, but mobile casino platforms have become increasingly popular as they allow players to access games either in-browser or as device-specific downloadable apps and then continue to play whenever and wherever they choose to, as long as they have a working internet connection. Most modern-day tablets and smartphones support mobile casino platforms, including those running on the iOS or Android operating systems.

Some Super 21 Basics

Super 21 is a popular game as it offers some modern-day twists on the classic blackjack game, all in favour of the players and winning opportunities. For instance, Super 21 boasts high payouts, allows players to double down on their initial hand, to fold at any time, and to split pairs numerous times.

There are a few ways in which this game differs from standard blackjack that will make it appealing to players. For one, the player will automatically win if his/her cards land with a total hand value of twenty-one points, even if the dealer lands a blackjack. The player’s blackjack always wins. Players are also allowed to split their playing hands up to four times, creating ample winning opportunities.

In addition, Super 21 offers special payouts and more playing opportunities, including the Five-Card 21 and the Six-Card 21 games. This creates some interesting variations on standard blackjack, making Super 21 intensely appealing to players and offering them great entertainment.

Rules of the Game

The standard rules of Super 21 are similar to those of blackjack. In a nutshell, players will need to get a hand value that is as close or equal to twenty-one without going over.

When the game begins, players will need to place their initial bets. They will then receive two cards, both facing up. The dealer will also receive two cards, one facing up and one facing down.

Players can then choose whether they wish to hit, stand, double or split. They can continue to play as long as they do not have a hand value over twenty-one and until they do not wish to receive more cards, and then the dealer’s cards will be revealed. The one, that is, the dealer or the player, with the hand closest or equal to twenty-one without going over will win the game. If the player’s hand value goes over twenty-one, they will lose the game. If there is a tie, the player’s cards will be pushed back.

The dealer will have to have a hand that is of a value of at least seventeen in order to qualify to play.

Top Super 21 Betting Tip

Even though Super 21 is a relatively simple game and one offering enormous entertainment to players, there are a few rules and strategies that players can adhere to in order to ensure they have the best time playing. Most importantly, players will need to remember that the dealer must always have a hand of at least seventeen in order to play. This will allow them to make better playing decisions.

Play Super 21 whenever and wherever you please and enjoy an exciting card game that can deliver big payouts!