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Aces and Faces Video Poker

The history of Video Poker has followed a similar pattern in terms of technology being established and then built upon, although the story of Video Poker can be traced all the way back to the monochrome green PC screens of the 1970s. When Microgaming created the first bunch of online casino games all the way back in 1994, Video Poker was allowed to venture into the world of genuine cash rewards and with that came the invention of various forms of the game, including none other than Aces and Faces Video Poker.

Today this game can be found on mobile and not only on desktop. This is an ideal gaming partner for those seeking fast thrills and quick wins.

Aces and Faces Mobile Video Poker really simplifies the game of poker and is thus ideal for beginners and seasoned players of the game. Thanks to its digitized form, the game plays a lot faster, and this means that wins can be achieved a lot faster too. The basic premise of the game is that it works like any standard video poker game with the addition of a bonus Four Aces payout.  As with all versions of Video Poker, most players find the combination of immediate Slots action and slower Poker strategizing completely irresistible.

Aces and Faces has been overhauled by Microgaming to be compatible with Android, Blackberry, Tablet and iPhone devices. The software weaves seamlessly with the smartphone specs, making achievable wins possible regardless of where Canadian players might be.  The immersive graphics and attention to detail that Microgaming is so renowned for are also in full evidence in this game, making for a very engaging and enjoyable playing experience.

How Aces and Faces Works

Aces and Faces works like a conventional game of video poker with the extra added feature of the bonus Four Aces payout. The game operates with a 52 card deck and maintains all the standard payout hands going from the Royal Flush to the Full House and the Two Pairs. As is indicative of the name, wins are derived from combinations of face cards and aces. This casino game does not have any Wilds.

In a nutshell, this mobile video poker game works on a pretty simple premise. The machine deals out 5 cards, the player looks at the hand, and decides on which cards he or she will keep and which ones will be exchanged. On the screen the various payouts are displayed based on the amount of cash wagered. Players can choose to bet between 1 and 5 coins and based on a maximum bet of 5 coins and the highest betting amount, $5, a total win of 4 000 coins can be achieved!

Several of our listed mobile casinos also allow you to play Aces and Faces for no deposit as well as for real money, which means you can practice, get comfortable, sharpen your skills and build your confidence before you place any bets. This free play mode also allows you to keep playing when you’ve exhausted your daily playing budget, or when you just want to relax and appreciate some superb mobile game play without any stress. Of course, when you are ready to play for real money, there is nothing to beat the feeling of winning big payouts!

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