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Double Bonus Poker – The Real Deal!

Double Bonus Poker has finally gone mobile and this means that all the thrills and big win potential of this casino game can be carted along with you! The need to wait until you get home before settling down and logging on to your desktop casino account, while still a very important fixture in terms of enjoying online casino games, is not a must anymore! Thanks to modern cell phones and web based casino ingenuity, games like Double Bonus Poker and many others such as slots, blackjack and roulette can be utilised for their entertainment value, their pastime bestowment and of course, their cash-wielding abilities. Double Bonus poker can see its playability on a number of Android operated devices such as smartphones and tablets, with a crystal clear display and an easy to follow layout.

Win up to 4000 coins!

With Double Bonus Poker Canadian players can stand a chance at winning up to 4000 coins. Designed by Microgaming, a world leader in casino game software and all round gaming innovation, Double Bonus Poker picks up where Bonus Video Poker left off and includes the following advanced tables:

  • 4 of a Kind (Aces) liays 800
  • 4 of a Kind (2’s,3’s,4’s) liays 400
  • 4 of a Kind (5’s thru K’s) liays 250

Created for the mind-set of a player, Double Bonus Poker sports a 52 card deck along with a rudimentary structure in terms of look and layout. Research has shown that players, particularly VIP ones, prefer this. While the layout might be basic, there’s nothing basic about the type of winning potential this video poker game has. Double Bonus Poker also gives players added advantages by having features such as Autohold and tables for the plotting of one’s strategy. These are things a normal land based casino would never provide! Responsible game play is also encouraged through stop budgets which work around things like ‘win amounts’, ‘lose amounts’ and ‘credit balances’.

Double Bonus Poker takes between 1 and 5 coins per bet and starts things from as low as 0.25c per coin. This casino game has the ability to become a really fast one too thanks to there being no other players or a dealer. Enjoy it in your lunch break or while commuting via public transport. Don’t play and drive though, as that is unsafe.Mobilecasinocanada.ca hosts a number of reputable mobile and mobile casino operators who all have great player incentives. Take your pick and enjoy the advantages of the new era of casino gaming.

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