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Jacks or Better Mobile Video Poker

Jacks or Better is the original Video Poker game, from which all other versions arose, and it’s just as much of a tour de force today as it was when it first launched in the 1980s. That means that, like all versions of the game, it is a fusion of Poker strategy and Slots adrenaline that is impossible for the thinking, thrill-seeking players of Canada to resist.

You can bet up to 5 coins in the game, and will then be dealt 5 cards that appear on your screen. These cards are completely determined by chance and you can’t do anything about what you get, but you can decide on your next move. There are detailed guides for what to do with every hand dealt, as you try to build the best hand according to standard Poker rankings. The payouts in these casino games can be quite impressive, though it is often possible to play for free as well.  Free play games give you the chance to build up your skills and confidence before you place any real money bets.

This form of video poker is one of the most popular varieties of the game. Funny enough, this game first came to be known as video console game within land based casinos. A hit from the start, it was only a matter of time before online casinos also adopted this game. Now in our day and age of smartphone and portable technology, Jacks or Better Mobile Video Poker can be a winning game wherever Canadian players choose it to be.

Enjoy Jacks or Better Mobile Video Poker:

  • On the Bus
  • On the train
  • In the elevator
  • While standing in line at the supermarket
  • While Standing in line at the bank
  • While Standing in line at the cinema
  • While Commuting on a long journey ( Just don’t be the one driving)
  • During your lunch break
  • While waiting for your date to arrive
  • While in the waiting room waiting on your doctor’s appointment
  • In the pub while enjoying your beer

Thanks to today’s superfast internet connection and advanced smartphones, wins can literally be achieved anytime, anywhere. Jacks or Better Mobile Video Poker employs a couple of nifty features that players are sure to enjoy. To make matters easier for the player, the pay table can be displayed in portrait mode and then switched back to landscape mode which only shows the cards.  Players are dealt a set of five cards from which some are kept and others discarded, to achieve the best hand possible.

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