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A Review of Casino.Com

Casino.com is a great online gaming destination that offers everything you could possibly want from a virtual casino. In essence, this centre of entertainment offers the winning trilogy of casino game play – online, mobile and live. With all three avenues of game play at your disposal, you’ll not only get to play hundreds of games, you’ll be able to opt to take the games with you and if you’re seeking a gaming experience that offers something as close as possible to the real thing, then the live casino will provide just that.  Plus, all gaming options are supplied through Playtech, which means high quality gaming. New players can get up C$ 3 200 in bonus credits while regular players have the options of recurring promotions and the chance to join the eminent Casino.com VIP program.

Going Online, Mobile or Live

As with most digital casinos, the online casino is often the oldest of the lot and offers the most games. The mobile casino tends to be a more recent edition and offers significantly less games, but presents the advantage of not having to be anywhere specific in order to play to win. The live casino is something that has only very recently emerged and provides Canadian players with the ability to get personally involved with their casino games as they would within a land-based casino. The Great thing about Casino.com is that you enter into all three of these cash-carrying casino havens for great winning possibilities.

Take Casino.Com along with You

Your chances to win big wads of cash are exponentially increased thanks to the Casino.com mobile casino app, a smaller version of the online casino that offers a varied selection of games with the same winning potential of their bigger brothers. 

As far as the brand is concerned, there is little to be worried about as Casino.com claim that their mobile casino app is compatible with most devices and all major operating systems. Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Windows, Android, it’s all covered.

Casino.com’s Gaming Options

Casino.com has made sure that its gaming stable is well stocked, whereby making it possible to cater to practically every wagering fantasy you could possibly think of – within reason of course. At this prestigious establishment you’ll find:

Each of these games and gaming categories are meticulously explained, so if you are indeed new to online gaming or just gaming in general, you can rest assured in knowing that when you start playing, you will do so with sufficient knowledge.

Playtech forges new deals!

Playtech, the software company responsible for gifting Casino.com with its excellent line-up of mobile slot games, has forged a new licensing agreement with Warner Bros and already the fruits of the deal are starting to show. Just a short while back, the company and Marvel parted ways, leading Playtech to seek a new partnership with its rival, Warner Bros, the same company that owns the rights to DC and all kinds of related films and TV shows. Now Playtech has started rolling out what appears to only be the start of its line-up of themed and stylised video slot games. 

Gone are Hulk, Iron Man and Thor and in their places are Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern. Recent additions through this great partnership include the following and upcoming video slot games:

  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice™
  • Suicide Squad™
  • Justice League™
  • Man of Steel™
  • Green lantern
  • Superman: The Movie™
  • Superman II
  • Batman & The Joker Jewels
  • Batman & Catwoman Cash
  • Batman & The Penguin Prize
  • Batman & Batgirl Bonanza
  • Batman & The Riddler Riches
  • Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune

And this is just the Warner/DC line-up of video slot games. Playtech has also released new games based on classic films and TV shows. This has led the company to gift Casino.com with games like:

  • The Mummy
  • Gladiator
  • Robocop
  • The Matrix
  • Rocky
  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  • John Wayne
  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire
  • The Love Boat

Get the best mobile slot games and ones based on hallmarks of your childhood memories when you sign up with Casino.com. Sign up today and see what’s in store for you when you make your first deposit.

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Bonus Cash, Promotions and VIP’s

In making itself available across all platforms, Casino.com also tries very hard, and with success, to offer as many ways as possible for its players to reap the benefits of its incentive offers and programs. Starting with new players, there is a C$ 400 bonus available, as well as 200 extra spins. This offer forms part a multi-platform incentive. You can only get it once though, so choose wisely which device you’d like to use for when you first sign up with this casino. The ongoing promotions are very amusing and comprise of all sorts of interesting, compelling and entertaining ideas, all modelled around games within the casino. Lastly there’s the VIP program and Casino.com explains how you can gain entry into this prestigious part of their establishment.  With so many benefits available. We here at Mobile Casino Canada can honestly say that we endorse this casino.

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