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The great thing about online sports betting is that are so many different things you can wager on these days. All top online sports betting sites in Canada offer a diverse selection of markets to choose from including ice hockey, American football, tennis, rugby, and cricket. Betting sites also offer things like financial betting, entertainment betting, and election betting, and betting on something called eSports. While it is certainly one of the more recent betting markets, eSports is rapidly becoming one of the biggest modern-day sports; with millions of viewers tuning in for each match or tournament.

What are eSports?

The name eSports is actually an abbreviation of “electronic sport”. This is defined as sports played on electronic systems. The most common type of eSport is competitive video gaming. The best sports betting brands offer a wide range of betting markets on competitive video gaming tournaments around the world. Obviously, there are thousands of video games out there that can be used for eSports purposes, however, to standardize the industry there are four main types of games being played competitively.

Competitive Game Genres

If you are familiar with online or mobile sports betting you may have heard of some of these terms mentioned below. The first type of game is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). The second is Real Time Strategy Games (RTS). Leading from this is the Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS) and finally the First Person Shooters (FPS). These form the basis for the individual games played at eSports matches and tournaments.

Popular eSports Games

Within each gaming genre, there are popular games that eSports teams specialize in. The most popular first person shooter is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. If you are betting on Multiplayer Battle Arena Games, chances are you are going to bet betting on League of Legends. StarCraft 2 is the most popular real time strategy game while Dota 2 is a popular Action Real Time Strategy game combined with MOBA.

This is just the start of what you can find online; Canadian Sports betting sites offer eSports betting on a wide range of tournaments where the game can include games like Call of Duty, HALO, Overwatch, Smite, Street Fighter, Heroes of the Storm, Battlefield and World of Tanks to name a few. In terms of the types of bets than can bet placed, eSports offers up many of the same bets found with regular sports.

eSports Betting Options

The most popular bet is a simple match or tournament bet. This simply involves predicting the winner of a particular match or tournament at an online sports betting site. Bets can be fixed odds or line bets and can also include in play sports betting, as well as totals betting and exotic bets. Examples of exotic bets can include which team will score the most hits, how the game will end, what heroes will be used, and who what type of method is used to win the game.

eSport Canadian betting sites offer eSports betting year-round. However, when major tournaments take place the betting heats up. The biggest eSports tournaments include the ESL pro League, the Overwatch Apex/ Premier series, the LOL Worlds Tournament, the Starcraft World Game Masters and the Dota 2 TI, and each provides plenty of wagering action.