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Social eSports Betting in Canada

Most sports enthusiasts are familiar with how things work at online bookmakers that accept real money. But over the past few years we have also seen the introduction of social betting facilities that combine all the action of real sports wagering with social gaming on a hosted virtual platform. Social eSports betting in Canada is one of the largest free play markets catering to both sports fans and gaming enthusiasts.

Get the Lowdown

As with all forms of social online gambling, this type of wagering does not fall under the category of real gambling. This is because all bets are placed using virtual currency with no cashout option. Bettors make predictions for bragging rights and the opportunity to win prizes from site sponsors. This means it is available to all players in all countries around the world. Unlike real sports betting sites, there is a strong focus on the social aspect.

A World of Options

There are two main types of platforms that facilitate bets. The first is a social media type platform like Facebook where friends can place competitive wagers against each other. The site provides statistics, news and reports on upcoming games. There is also a leader board of which bettors are the most successful.

Often these will also include a chat feature and message board. The second type of platform is one more closely linked to that of online gambling or traditional sportsbooks. Essentially, they are a fully functioning sportsbook with markets, odds, picks and events. The only difference is that you are using virtual currency.

Both types of platforms are available for desktop and mobile users. In most cases, there is an app that you can download and install on your smartphone or tablet. Some sites carry gambling licences and operate in licensed jurisdictions. In such cases, bettors can choose to place wagers with real or virtual currency. Along with the standard selection of sports like Football, Basketball and Tennis, you can also find eSports betting.

What To Put Money On

Social eSports betting is no different to the real thing. In both cases, you are predicting the outcome of major matches and tournaments. Bets can be placed on popular genres or games like Dota2, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch, Hearthstone and Call of Duty. With large tournaments, predictions can be placed on the overall tournament winner as well as section or round winners.

With social eSports betting in Canada, there is also the possibility of placing live wagers. Some sites offer live streaming of popular events and you can make a prediction as the action unfolds. The odds shift according to the action, giving bettors the chance to test out their prediction skills. Most of the action comes with standard match bets. These are wagers placed on individual matches at tournaments or eSport leagues.

Popular Bets

Depending on the online gambling site, there are a number of wagering options available. On social media-based sites and apps, friends can go head to head with match bets, picking one side over the other. The more traditional sites offer match betting with set odds at the start of each new match. Within each match or game, there are even more markets to choose from.

With first-person shooter games like Counter Strike, it is possible to bet on which team will make the first kill or who will get first blood in the knife round. Other popular options include predicting which team will win the map round, who will progress to the finals and how many rounds are needed to complete a current game.

If you’ve got a completive streak but prefer not to put any real money down, this is the perfect way to enjoy all the action of eSports betting in Canada.