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Mobile Casino Legislation

When it comes to Mobile Casino Legislation, the same laws and rules that apply to it are the ones applicable to online casinos. Internet gambling and more recently wagering by way of the mobile web has, some would say, existed in a somewhat grey are – but this is debatable. Canada was traditionally against gambling up until the 1960s after which the government gave provinces permission to decide whether or not they would condone gambling and with it, poker. Thus far, Canadians have been able to enjoy the benefits of online and mobile casino gambling.

Key Facts about Gambling in Canada

  • The Criminal Code: The Canadian criminal code dictates that it is not illegal to wager online unless it falls within recognised sections of the code. This law is particularly complicated and it’s within its structure that mobile casinos and online casinos operate. 
  • Zero Charges:  No one has to date been charged with or accused of a crime when playing online or via the mobile web in Canada. The closest anyone or an organization came to feeling the brunt of the law was when the Attorney General considered the actions of Indian reservations hosting online casinos and poker rooms to be illegal. Nothing further occurred and the operations have continued. 
  • Canadian Law and US Law: One major difference between Canada and the US is that the US does not allow individual states to run or allow online and mobile gambling - whereby in Canada provinces have the liberty to license or allow online/mobile gaming. 
  • Poker: Canada has a large amount of online poker sites most of which are hosted outside of the country and to date, no law has been set in place prohibiting Canadians from enjoying these sites.

Mobile Casino Legislation – As It Stands

The intricacies of what makes online and mobile casino gaming legal remain unclear and this is because no precise laws have been established or cast in stone regarding the matter. To this day, no one has ever been charged for enjoying the perks and benefits of online and mobile gaming. If you reside in Canada, digital, online or mobile gambling is not going to land you on the wrong side of the law. If you’re uneasy about it all, do some more research on the topic, but to date there is no law or structure that forbids you from playing to win on what can only be described as some of the best mobile casinos in the world.