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Online Roulette Guide

Start enjoying online Roulette on the go at any of the best mobile casinos we recommend! Roulette offers an exciting chance to real money, and playing on your mobile device means you can go about your daily business while spinning the wheel and raking in big wins.

Roulette is a casino game with a long and exciting history. It is a fun mix of a game of chance and one that requires some level of skill in order to increase winning chances. A basic knowledge of how the game is played starts players on their journey to adopting winning strategies, and the more you play, the bigger your potential wins.

Playing on mobile is just as rewarding as any other platform, especially with the capabilities of iOS and Android devices. Our recommended mobile casinos are the best places to find the top Roulette games.

The Basics of Roulette

There are many variations of online Roulette available, but they all revolve around the same basic principal. A wheel is spun, a ball is dropped into the wheel and the position the ball lands in determines the outcome. Before the wheel is spun, players will place their bets on where they think the ball will land when the wheel has come to a halt.

The European and French wheel has 36 numbers placed randomly around the wheel. Each position alternates red and black, with only one of the positions being green. This is the zero position. American Roulette has an extra number on the wheel, and a second green numbered 00 pocket pushes the house edge up considerably.

Understanding Roulette Betting Options

A betting table displays the different betting options. Each betting option offers a different payout directly associated with its odds.

Some of the different betting options include placing bets on single numbers, odd or even numbers, all red, or all black numbers, two numbers that are adjacent to each other, low numbers or high numbers and various other combinations.

It can be best to bet on Outside Bets, such as all red or black, as these come with 1:1 payout and cover up to 18 possible positions of the 38 total. There are also Outside Bets, and betting on a column of numbers or any specific number combination has a 2:1 payout, but these are more risky.

Adopting a Winning Roulette Strategy

Roulette strategies are systems that players use to increase their chances of winning. Even though Roulette is largely a game of chance, it is not wise to play on luck alone. There are ways to improve the odds by placing the best possible bets.

There are a few strategies that claim to work, but it is important to remember that strategies do not always work for everyone. Following tips that are proven to maintain bankroll and longevity in the game is the first step to adopting a winning Roulette strategy.

Tips such as setting betting limits, walking away from losing streaks and not betting all winnings are important to consider. It is best to get to know how to play, and what betting options are available before making large bets. At the top casinos you’ll find online Roulette games available in free play mode where players can hone their skills without any risk.

Considering what the betting odds are and what the payout is, is key to betting successfully. Single number bets pay out best, but the chances of landing the exact same number is dramatically decreased, as opposed to bets that include more numbers. These bets payout less, however they have better chances of landing in position.

The best Roulette strategy is to cover as many positions on the wheel as possible. This way there is a better chance of winning, even if wins are smaller.

There are many popular strategies based on positive and negative progression systems where bets increase or decrease depending on what result occurred in the previous spin. The Martingale, D’Alembert and Paroli systems are very popular, and if you’re serious about online Roulette, you’ll master these quite fast.

Get to Know Roulette Odds

When it comes to Roulette odds, picking the game with the lowest house edge is always a good start. European and French Roulette have a house edge of 2.7%, while American Roulette is far more challenging, with a house edge of 5.26%. If you opt for Double Wheel or Double Ball Roulette, or any other variant, always check the games paytable and the house edge to see what you are in for,

French Roulette games also have en prison and la partage rules that drop the house edge further, and you can use tem to your advantage.

We hope that this Roulette guide gives you an idea of what type of online Roulette to play, what best to place, and what the odds are of winning in this classic casino game!

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