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Legal Canadian Mobile Casinos

Legalisation is always a valid question to pose. The last thing you want is to find that you’re playing at an illegal mobile casino because that can carry all kinds of problems, the biggest one being that if you have spent money there and you win – you might not get paid out! Legislation and legalisation go hand in hand and here at Mobile Casino Canada (www.mobilecasinocanada.ca) you will only encounter mobile casinos that are within their rights to offer you what in the industry is known as remote gaming. There are only three territories in the world allowed to administer such a licence and one such territory is Malta where the Malta Gaming Authority resides with the power to issue rare remote gaming licences. Malta forms part of the white list of legal territories around the world.

What else makes an Mobile Casino legal?

Aside from a gaming licence, an mobile casino needs to adhere to important gaming practices enforced by the regulatory bodies within the online and mobile casino industry. It also needs to have its gaming content provided by a company with a proven record that provides games that are fair. The mobile casino operator itself must be one that supports responsible gaming and will thus have practices in place that will protect the player from him or herself once the player has admitted to a problem. If a player finds that his or her gaming is getting out of hand, he or she needs to alert the mobile casino operator after which the establishment can do a number of things. The first thing a legal mobile casino can do is put a limit on a players spend. The casino can also provide information to the player as to where to seek help. If the player admits to gambling problem then the casino will close that player’s account. The possibility to re-open the account can only be considered after 6 months and if the player states in writing that he or she no longer has a problem.

Other Hallmarks of a Legal Mobile Casino

One of the other major hallmarks of a legal mobile casino would be the belonging to an accredited institution or organization that ensures that the mobile casino offers a gaming service that is safe and fair and that their gaming mechanisms are externally audited. The eCOGRA organization is one such establishment that does the above mentioned practices. If the mobile casino that you sign up with has their banner on the website, then you can rest assured that the gaming practices are above board and that the Random Number Generator used by that casino is regularly checked by this external body to guarantee fair game play.

The Backing of Financial Institutions

This too plays a key role in the legality of an mobile casino. Institutions like Visa and MasterCard after all will not want to be associated with underhanded organisations. Have a look at the various financial institutions facilitating the deposits and withdrawals at the mobile casino in question as this will provide more evidence about its legal nature.