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Social Betting

When you think about online gambling, you probably first think of it in traditional terms: as in, you’d go to the best online casino or sportsbook site you could find, and try your luck on your favourite online slots game or bet on your favourite team or player. But, even though the best sites do offer multi-player tournaments and live casino offerings, which can be pretty social in nature, in most cases playing at a mobile or online casino doesn’t necessarily offer the most communal form of entertainment. Rather, it can often be seen as a solitary exercise, because you’re doing it alone at home on your PC or laptop, or while you’re on the go on your tablet or smartphone device. At certain moments, you might ask a friend for advice about a bet or a strategy. Or search for online stats and punters’ opinions, which are especially useful when it comes to sports betting – after all, most of us want to at least try and make the best betting decision possible. In most of these instances, however, you would be going on to different sites, reading various articles, phoning or meeting up with friends, etc., to get to your decision. But, what if you could do all this on one site? Well, the markets clearly saw an opening – enter social betting sites. 

What is Social Betting?

Social betting is social online gambling! It’s when you use the crowd or social media platforms to get an informed betting opinion from some of the leading tipsters around, with the aim of scoring winning bets. In addition, you can challenge your friends to bet along with you, hold them responsible when it comes to paying up, and keep track of who has the most wins, hence the “social” aspect.  Popular social betting sites like Betfect, YouBetMe, social:bets, StakeHaul and more have grown out of a need for an all-in-one site that enables social betting between friends, while keeping records of those bets, and allowing you to get the best tips from renowned players and punters. Best of all, these sites are optimised for mobile, which adds to the accessibility and convenience of social betting. Seeing as we use our mobile phones for so much in our lives, from searching for information, checking emails, sending messages, posting on social media sites, and more, it makes sense that social betting is so incredibly popular on such devices.    

How Social Betting Works?

Before social betting platforms came into being, there was no simple way to challenge your friend’s bets – in other words, it was difficult to track the bets, as well as share and manage them. Usually, it had to be done in an off-line fashion. But now, mobile platforms like the aforementioned sites enable friends to bet on anything, anytime, anywhere. It can be as simple as betting a friend $10 that they can’t drink 5 beers in a minute. The options with social betting are literally endless, and each time you win, you get paid. You can even make bets that have no set stakes, so the aim is fun over money. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone, you can invite your friends from your phone’s contact list, as well as Facebook, etc., and set your betting terms. Then once the betting begins, the profiles will hold you and all your friends accountable by keeping track of who has to pay up and, of course, who wins. When it comes to sporting events, sites like social:bets allows you to place bets on sports events with friends and anyone else. In addition, you can follow and copy the leading tipsters and get the top odds by using your preferred bookmaker.   

Final Thoughts

Social betting is online gambling that is growing in popularity every day, especially in Canada. Convenient, accessible and fun, it could very well become the dominant form of betting in the future. As already mentioned, think of the best online casino brands around, and the closest they come are their bingo sites, live casino offerings and multi-player tournaments. There is a possibility that many of these online casinos will start to adapt the kind of social betting we see on sites like YouBetMe, StakeHaul and more, especially if the popularity of such sites continues to grow with each generation.