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Special Market Sports Betting Pros and Cons

As the online sports betting industry continues to enjoy outstanding growth, more and more people want to get in on the action. And special markets mean you don’t even need to be clued up in terms of athletes, sports teams, and big matches and tournaments to do so anymore!

While special bets for sports are sometimes available, they more generally involve unrelated activity. And, for big happenings like major governmental elections, returns can easily reach into the multi-million dollar realm.

In a nutshell, special market wagers apply to both sports and non-sporting events, effectively covering all betting lines that don’t fall into the standard market categories. They can be placed on award ceremonies, political occurrences, television shows, and the like. Also sometimes known as novelty or proposition wagers, these exciting non-sports betting options are taking the world by storm.

Rise in Popularity of Special Betting

The beauty of special markets betting is that you don’t need to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy putting a little money down. Because they involve so many different things, just bearing witness to popular culture and current trends can put you in the perfect position to see a sizeable return. Novelty betting is a very modern phenomenon and the rise in its popularity is largely because of the ease of access we have to bookmakers these days. Everyone’s online!

Rumour has it that special market betting can be traced back to a bet placed in 1989 by a Welshman. The anonymous gentleman wasn’t interested in any of the standard sports betting options. He put the equivalent of just over CA$50 down on 5 events occurring before the turning of the millennium. He stated that Cliff Richard would receive a knighthood and that the band U2 would still be together. He also said that East Enders, Home and Away, and Neighbours would all still be being broadcast on UK television. He ended up collected well over the equivalent of $400 000!

The Different Markets and Odds

Special markets in non-sports betting events typically fall into a few main categories, but the beauty of these wagers is that they can be on absolutely anything. In Football, for example, you may see Time of the First Goal, Penalty Yes/No, Player to Score the First Goal, Total Points Odds or Even, and Red Cards Yes/No.

TV Specials is a major genre for wagers on things other than sports betting Canada. You find many options connected to knock-out competitions like The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, Big Brother, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Survivor. Lines usually focus on the Outright Winner, but possible markets include Gender of the Winner, Highest Points, Next Eviction, Who Will Take the Final Rose, and Who Will Be the First to Quit.

In terms of popularity, Political betting is up next when it comes to wagering options other than sports betting. Again, most markets are for Outright Winners, but you can also wager on Election Percentage Turnout, Next Party Leader, Number of Female Ministers, Number of Seats Won, and Overall Majority.

If you’re a music lover, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many options when it comes to betting on this activity. Wager on the Eurovision Winner, The Next Grammys Album, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and singer of the Next James Bond Song all fall outside the realm of sports betting Canada.

One of the novelty markets with the best value is that which work off of the world’s biggest film awards like the BAFTAs and the Oscars. Many online sites offering standard sports betting options will cover these, too, so the lines will be very competitive. But bear in mind that not all bookmakers will offer the same depth, so if you’re looking for something specific like Best Makeup Artist, shop around. The Razzies are also great fun in this category, allowing you to nominate the Worst Actor, Worst Actress, and Worst Film and options like Who Will Play the Next James Bond are also well-liked.

Special markets for events other than popular sports betting happenings also include wagering options on current affairs. This is a wide one, covering everything from Who Will Be the Next Pope and Who Will Be the Next Archbishop to Who Will Win the Next Nobel Peace Prize.

As you can see, a wealth of different options is available for special market wagers and this is a large part of why they are so popular. Not only will you find very different options going from 1 bookmaker to another, but you’ll also find the possibilities shifting as new world events unfold.

Odds are related, as always, to the likelihood of things occurring and will vary greatly from event to event and bookmaker to bookmaker. And as we do in the case of sports betting, we strongly urge you to make a point of comparing before laying any money down.

The Pros and Cons of Special Markets Betting

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a pastime as personal as sports betting and wagering on special markets can be difficult because everyone has their own, individual, approach.

Points that remain true across the board however are that they can offer hugely profitable returns, especially when you’ve found competitive odds. Wagering this way is also much easier to understand than standard sports betting Canada can be, and you don’t need to make big money available to enjoy them.

As for the cons, certain people may see these as part of the Pros category! They revolve around the uncertainty of winning and the inherent risk you’re taking, which we have to acknowledge is a big part of the fun!

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