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VIP & Loyalty Programmes

Imagine the following scenario playing itself out:

You find your favourite game at a land-based casino. You take out your whole bankroll, CAD100, place a bet and play begins. You win a few rounds, lose a few, and eventually you have no money left. So you get up and start making your way off the casino’s floor. Here is where it gets interesting!

As you are departing, a representative for the casino stops you, and says that, as part of the casino’s appreciation for your time and money, she would like to offer you complimentary spins, a coupon for the buffet, and 10% back of whatever total you have lost. All provided totally free of charge.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, it happens all the time, and the world of online casinos is no different. It is called a VIP or Loyalty programme, and it has been designed to show dedicated players that their custom is valued and that their patronage is appreciated!

Bonuses to Boost Your Bankroll

VIP and Player Loyalty programmes provide you with a bonus for spending money that you would have spent anyway, and are a wonderful way to offset your losses, especially over prolonged periods of play. As you spend your CAD20 and watch your account get credited with CAD10, you will start understanding the logic behind these packages, and we can help you find out what you need to do to begin.

Remember to Always Read the Fine Print

As tempting as these VIP and Player Loyalty programmes sound, you are strongly advised to make sure you understand the offer in its entirety. Should you fail to do so, you may well sign up for a programme that has rewards only for games you don’t enjoy, or that you are unable to withdraw your winnings until a certain amount of time has passed.

Make sure you read the fine print and have a thorough understanding of the Loyalty programmes on offer before you sign anything. As with anything else, rushing in blindly to sign a contract that seems too good to be true spells disaster, but mobilecasinocanada.ca is here to help you find the best of these and start enjoying the rewards.

Signing Up as VIP Player or Player Loyalty Programme Member

It is very easy to sign up once you know that you have met all the requirements and have found a programme that best suits your needs. When it comes to online casinos, your VIP status will begin once your 1st deposit has been made, or perhaps after you have placed your first bet. The requirements are generally as simple as that, but going forward will see you having to meet the stipulations the casino has put in place.

There are VIP and Player Loyalty Programmes that are so exclusive you are only able to join them after you have been invited, and although these are generally reserved for players spending large amounts of money, if the way in which you play your games warrants an invitation you can be sure you will get one.

Once you have become a VIP or a member of a Loyalty programme, you will usually be required to start earning points, with these being awarded to your account every time you play a particular game or bet a certain amount of money. When enough of these points have been accumulated you will be able to exchange them for various items.

Find the best of these bonuses right here at mobilecasinocanada.ca, and start enjoying the extra rewards for your online play!