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Progressive Mobile Slots

If you love online slots and big jackpots, then progressive slots games are what you need to be playing. These slots feature jackpots that grow to enormous proportions, and their payouts can often be described as life changing. To help you get to grips with these incredible, high paying casino games, we’re going to tell you all about progressive slots, and what they have to offer.

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Unlike a normal slots game where the jackpot is a fixed amount, or varies depending on how many coins you have wagered, progressive slots have a jackpot that seeds at a certain starting amount, and grows from there. The jackpot is added to with every real money bet placed, and the more players playing, the faster and larger it grows. There are 3 different types of progressive slots, and each offers big returns:

Standalone Progressives: Only bets placed on this specific game or machine add to the jackpot. This type of progressive slot is more commonly found in land-based casinos than online, however, there are some online casinos that offer their own exclusive standalone progressive games.

Local progressives: These games feature jackpots that are linked across several different games in one place. The jackpots thus grow quicker than in standalone games.

Network Progressives: The most commonly found progressive slots online; these games are networked across casinos and link players from all over the world. In these games, the jackpot grows at a rapid pace as so many players from different regions are joining in the fun. In networked progressive slots, jackpots of over a million are not at all uncommon, making them very popular with thrill seeking players.

How Do You Win a Progressive Jackpot?

Many a player dreams of winning a progressive jackpot, and the only way to really stand a chance is to play! When you play a progressive slots game always check that you are eligible for the jackpot payout - in many cases this means betting the maximum number of coins per spin.

Depending on the slots game, the way you win the jackpot will differ. In some cases the progressive payout is triggered completely at random, while in others you need to land a specific number of symbols in a required combination. In games like the ever-popular Mega Moolah there is more than one progressive jackpot, and you have to spin the wheel in a second screen game to determine what you’ve won.

Popular Progressive Slots

If you want to play progressive slots on your mobile then consider giving one of these games a try at the following mobile casinos we recommend:

Mega Moolah: Often referred to as the ‘millionaire maker’ Mega Moolah is a Microgaming progressive slot that has broken records. The Mega Jackpot seeds at a million dollars, and there are a total of 4 jackpots in play at all times.

Major Millions: Another Microgaming slot, this game is available in 3 and 5 reel format and is something of a favourite.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams: If a life of luxury is your aim, then these two NetEnt luxury-themed progressive slots are the games to play.

Give progressive slots a spin at any one of the top mobile casinos, and see if you can become an instant millionaire!