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The Most Popular Live Dealer Games

Many of the best VIP casinos UK players have access to offer a good selection of Live Dealer games. These are the ideal midpoint between online and land-based casinos for a lot of people; the authenticity of interacting with other gamblers and with dealers, along with the convenience and huge bonuses of online establishments. And with mobile VIP casinos also providing these games, they are even easier to access and fit into your lifestyle.

The immersion that any live dealer game at a high roller casino offers is fantastic, especially since at VIP casinos live dealers are even more special than usual. They might be streamed to you via special, exclusive locations, offer more wagering options or special features, or simply give you more valuable advice. But as live dealer games have become more popular, a few clear favourites have emerged. What are the favoured live dealer games in VIP casino rooms, and why?


Baccarat’s simple sophistication translates well onto a live video feed, and most live providers offer plenty of customisable settings to make the game feel more personal and enjoyable. The mystique and high-rolling nature of the game should appeal to VIP players, and it’s often even possible to watch the famous Baccarat Squeeze or re-enact it yourself.


A lot of attention has been given to developing great live dealer variations of Blackjack, since operators wanted the game to be as possible live as it has always been at conventional casinos. This means it is the most well-developed and feature-rich live dealer game. Many of the country’s best VIP casinos offer several different Blackjack variations as live games, and there are usually several lucrative side bets available too.

Special features such as being able to bet on a game while you wait for a seat are common, and if you’re a high roller casino player who wants to get to as many rounds in as little time as possible you’ll appreciate the fact that players usually all make their moves at once rather than taking turns. At most online and mobile VIP casinos you can choose to interact with your fellow players by turning on the live chat feature.


At our recommended VIP casinos live dealers offer a few difference versions of Poker, and they are generally formatted to be played against the dealer only rather than against other players as is typical in the card game. This makes it quite a lot simpler though still very exciting, and is a good way to polish your skills or learn the game in the first place. You could even ask the dealer to point out your tells!


Almost as extensively developed as Blackjack, live dealer Roulette comes in several different variations, based on French, European and American rules. The social game works exceptionally well for live dealer entertainment, and the range of different bets appeals to many kinds of players. The elegance of the game and its reputation as the quintessential casino amusement will make you feel like even more of a suave and debonair high roller casino customer!