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Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker

Finally you can trade in your video poker nights for Live Dealer Caribbean Stud poker nights instead. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the digital versions of these games and there never will be. There’s a reason these games continue doing business – players adore them. But now there’s something more, something extra, something really real. Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker is a game-changer and once you uncover its joys, exhilaration, benefits and its winning possibilities, you’ll see why this game is fast becoming number one!  Opting to play at one of our new mobile casinos means getting in on all the poker action you can muster, all you need to do is pick one.

How Live Dealer Poker Works

Through a combination of various technologies, Live Dealer Caribbean Poker comes direct to you on the screen of your smartphone, ready and waiting to deliver some pay for your play.  We use the term ‘traditional’ loosely in this context; but live dealer gaming is basically the combination of traditional online casino gaming, namely the interfaces, and new technology involving specially built studios, webcams and streaming technology. It all adds up and makes the process of live dealer gaming a reality.

Playing the Game

Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker is filled with fast-paced poker style action and enough adrenalin to keep you in hot pursuit of coming out tops. Making this game all the more appealing are the extra features packed in, that you would never find in your average game of Caribbean Stud Poker. Things like extra bonuses, optional jackpot side bets and the possibility of profiting from a progressive jackpot all make the game of Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker all the more exciting.

The game starts off with players being dealt five cards each with the aim being to compete against the dealer. This is the one notable difference of the game – you won’t be playing against fellow players, but against the dealer instead. The dealer must have an Ace and a King or higher to be eligible to play. Each player’s cards are dealt face up while those of the dealer are dealt face down except for his or her last card, which is face up.  From this point inwards players will need to decide to either raise or fold and all before the dealer’s complete hand is revealed.

Additional Features

Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker comes with some really cool additional features such as the 5 + 1 Bonus Bet, an optional side bet that allows you to try and make the best five card hand by combining your own five cards with the dealers first face up card. This bet pays for ‘Three of a Kind’ and better and the highest possible win is 1000 to 1.

The option to win a progressive jackpot is another great and enticing feature of Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker. This bonus keeps on growing until it is eventually won with a ‘Royal Flush’. This same single side bet also gives you the ability to win fixed value payouts for a ‘Straight Flush’, ‘Four of a Kind’, a ‘Full House’, a ‘Straight’ and a ‘Three of a Kind’.