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Live Casino Hold’em

If we’re going to talk about Live Casino Hold’em, then we’re going to need to speak about live dealer casino gaming, the latest and hottest trend to hit the mobile casino gaming scene. It doesn’t get any more real than it does right now. Live dealer casino gaming is the equivalent of sitting at a table inside a brick and mortar casino, except you could be sitting anywhere you want! Play an actual game like Live Casino Hold’em and you could be doing it in your living room, in your bathroom, in your office, in the canteen; you simply cannot discount the freedom and convenience of this new and exciting kind of gaming.

Here at Mobilecasinocanada.ca we’re all about Evolution Gaming, a company responsible for powering a lot of the casinos that we punt, and the leader in making games if this type. Live Casino Hold’em is quite a unique game and forms part of the poker family of games. But before we tackle this great game of chance any further, let’s talk about Evolution Gaming.

Why Choose Evolution

Evolution Gaming is the world-leader in the provision of live dealer casino gaming. This company was founded back in 2006 and chose to focus only on live dealer gaming. Specialisation can be a good thing and it’s proven to be just that with Evolution gaming who refined the exciting technology to produce all kinds of card and table games for mobile casino gaming. The company gives players all the tropes they could possibly expect if they were sitting inside an actual casino!

Evolution has a global office setup to make sure that no matter where in the world you are, if it’s legal to play in your country, then Evolution Gaming will happily bring you the real deal! Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK are all part of their headquarters. Great broadcast studios, webcams, intuitive software, actual croupiers and real money all make for the experience you’ll get when you play a game like Live Casino Hold’em by Evolution Gaming.

All the dealers are courteous, professional and dare we say, quite handsome. You can chat to these dealers while you play, chat to your fellow players’ and enjoy unique betting features you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Playing Live Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em is an exciting variation of the ever-popular Texas Hold’em poker game. This game also offers something called the Jumbo 7 jackpot, which could seriously change your bank balance if you’re really lucky. In this live dealer game an almost endless amount of players can join in the fun. Casino Hold’em offers an interesting twist on it all by letting players go up against the dealer as opposed to each other. This game also comes with an additional side bet known as the Jumbo 7 and will pay out on a 7 Card Straight Flush. Until that’s the winning hand, the jackpot will just grow and grow. Right now there is no better way to play poker.