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Mobile Lottery Casino Games

For many mobile casino enthusiasts, the best part about playing online is being able to access and play a wide variety of mobile casino games in every shape and form. Aside from slots games, Canadian mobile casinos also offer a full range of table games, card games as well as electronic games like video poker, bingo, keno and instant win games.

Advances in digital technology have led to the development of high quality scratch card and instant win games that provide big entertainment and big payouts. Subsequently, mobile lottery type casino games have become more popular than ever.

Before the development of online casinos, the only way to play lottery games was to purchase a ticket at your local supermarket. In addition to the weekly draw games, most lotteries also offer a wide range of instant win scratch card tickets. Scratch cards were developed as a result from research done that suggested the players would rather know straight away if they have won than wait till the end of the week when the draw took place. When online casinos hit the scene, the development of online scratch cards soon took off.

Mobile Lottery Scratch Card Games

Today online and mobile casinos offer a wide range of lottery style games including bingo, keno and instant win games. While internet lotteries play a massive role, mobile casino scratch card games can be played at your favourite online casino both for free or for real money. To start playing scratch card games on your tablet or smartphone, all you have to do is log into your favourite mobile casino and browse through the list of casino games. Here you will find a whole range of instant win games that can be played for free or for real money.

Mobile lottery scratch card games combine the basic structure of a scratch card ticket with the fun and technology of a video slot game. Essentially modern mobile scratch card games have become a type of hybrid between a slot game and a scratch card ticket. To start off with, most of the games have a specific theme. The theme could be based on popular TV series, comic book characters, or any type of seasonal theme including Christmas. The game itself consists of a single screen with a high quality graphic background. Players can start the game by purchasing a ticket or card.

With mobile lottery scratch card games, players can also set the betting amount for each card. It is best to think of each card as one spin on a slot machine. To that effect, players can decide how much they want to bet on each scratch. In most cases, the game will have six to nine images or characters with various payouts attached. The aim of the game is to scratch off and reveal three of the same images. The images are chosen by random number generator with each new card bought. Some images will pay more than others. In general, the payouts start with 2x the total bet stake and can go all the way up to 200x the total bet stake. Players can choose to scratch off individual pads or to tap on the “scratch all” button to reveal the full set of images.

Mobile Keno Lottery Games

As with mobile slot games, at the end of any round, the payouts are calculated and added to your game total. Players can start playing another card simply by tapping on the “buy card” button. The second type of mobile lottery style casino game that you can play online is Keno. If you are familiar with the game, you will know that Keno is a popular land based game similar to bingo. The game itself is very easy to play online and can offer up some seriously big payouts. To get started playing keno online, all you have to do is browse thought the games list and click on the game to start playing.

Mobile keno is a lottery style casino game that looks very similar to bingo. The object of the game is to pick a random set of numbers from a set of 80. A draw is then taken and any matching numbers are paid out. At the start of the game, players must decide how much they want to bet and how many rounds they would like to play. The next step is to choose (mark off) from 3 up to 10 numbers on the keno board.

Once the player has chosen their set of number, the keno machine will randomly select 20 winning numbers from the full set of 80. Players are paid out for every matching number or set of numbers. The more numbers that match, the higher the payouts. The keno game will play the allotted amount of rounds and pay out all the winning numbers. Keno can be played online directly from your mobile or tablet for free or for real money.

Mobile Bingo Lottery Games

For many players, bingo has to be considered one of the most popular lottery style games played online. While land based bingo halls still pull in big numbers, online bingo has become more popular than ever. In Canada, dedicated online bingo sites exist where players can log in and play along with friends they’ve met online, or in the real world. Many online and mobile casinos also offer bingo games as part of their casino game line-up. Online bingo is played in exactly the same way as you would play it in a bingo hall.

To start off with, players can choose from 75 or 90 ball bingo and buy one bingo ticket or multiple bingo tickets. The biggest difference with online bingo is that the computer will automatically mark off any numbers as they come up. This gives players the opportunity to play side games and never miss out on any of the action. Bingo is one of the highest paying lottery type casino games where players can pull in some seriously big wins.

Whatever lottery games you love, you can find them all at top Canadian mobile casinos!