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Super Bonus Bingo for Mobile Players

Super Bonus Bingo is a game which fans of this particular form of entertainment will heartily enjoy, thanks to the heaps of extra options it provides you with the opportunity to enjoy. Once you have chosen the number of balls that you wish to play, you simply wait for the winning ones to be revealed and stand in line to win as much as 10 000 times your stake!

Super Bonus Bingo is as simple a game as the original one it is a virtual representation of is so famous for being, and this means that players of any level of experience or skill will be able to enjoy it by means of their smartphones or tablets as they go about their days or nights.

Super Bonus Bingo is a game that gives the original lottery-styled one a twist, and the fact that it has been optimised for enjoyment on a range of mobile devices mean it has never been easier to have a little fun and win a little money than it is today.

Super Bonus Bingo Game Basics

Super Bonus Bingo is the mobile version of the game you have been enjoying at various land-based locations: balls with random numbers assigned them are selected by a machine in order to ensure their arbitrary arrival, and these need to match up with those that you have selected before this process begins in order for you to secure a win.

Super Bonus Bingo allows you to enjoy the fun from wherever you are, since as long as you have an internet connection; some spare time; and a little money to spend you can simply pick up and play!

Easy to Play On the Go

There are more than a few ways for you to win with this great real money game, and the huge board displayed on a screen featuring numbers from 1 through to 80 will immediately get you into the spirit of things. There is a hidden basket as well, holding balls that correspond to the numbers on the board, and it from this that the winning ones will eventually be drawn.

20 balls will be haphazardly drawn from this basket when you set the game to start, and you can decide to add more bonus balls when these have been revealed in order to increase your chances of a win if you wish to. Your goal will be to accumulate as many hits as is possible on the Payout Schedule and you will be able to boost your bankroll totally safely and securely every time that you do.

Play Super Bonus Bingo Now

Selecting the New Game button will begin the game, and then you choose your bets by means of the Chip Selector Decrease or Increase buttons. Choosing the Repeat Bet option will have the same numbers as your last bet put in play, or clear the selection and select new ones. Click between two and ten balls and simply wait for the reveal!

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