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Mobile Parlour Games

If you’re not sure what mobile parlour games, don’t feel bad – the terms itself is quite general and includes speciality games, variety games, Asian games or arcade games. In essence, the term parlour games is an umbrella phrase for all kinds of games often found in a mobile casino and these are usually lottery games, keno, scratch card and bingo games. Hybrid games are also included as part of the parlour game selection.  Mobile parlour games are an important part of the gaming selection because not all who gamble are looking to profit from slots, video poker or table games. For some players the alternative games are more appealing. For some players, good old simple fun is a lot more attractive. For some players, parlour games simply hit the spot.

Popular Mobile Parlour Games

Diversity is king when it comes to mobile parlour games. Software suppliers are given more leeway when it comes to these games as they don’t really fall within a specific genre. As a result, creativity and innovation can really be utilised in the creation of these games. Below we’ve listed some popular titles that you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Max Damage & the Alien Attack: Mobiles slots meet classic arcade action on this Microgaming product that offers a dramatic departure from the conventional slots game. Max Damage is a specialty parlour game and a hybrid at the same time. In this games you’ll be able to control max’s spaceship and destroy invading alien ships while capitalising and profiting from boosters, freebies, upgrades, lives and levels. It can all culminate when you defeat all the bosses and cash out with 10 000 coins.
  • Super Bonus Bingo: This mobile parlour game as the name suggests offers much more bingo than your average bingo title and is designed for both players who are willing to risk it all as well as those who tread more cautiously when they play.
  • Keno: One of the oldest games of chance will make an ideal smartphone casino app thanks to its simple gaming format and propensity to pay out nicely.  This mobile parlour game is so simple that anyone can learn it, play it and win from it.
  • Premier Racing:  Virtual horse racing is what goes down in this exciting mobile parlour games that emulates a day at the tracks. The graphics are superb and playing is as simple as it is fun. All you have to do is choose a jokey and horse that you think will win.
  • Pick n Switch: If you’ve ever played the lotto then you’ll take to this mobile parlour game like a duck to water. This game builds on the concept of a lotto games to provide prize money that could be up to 100 times your original bet. From a series of different coloured balls you’ll need to mix and match five balls in order to reap your rewards. In addition to this, each balls has a different multiplier value!