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Rival Games

If you have experienced the sinking feeling that all casino game software developers are operating on the use of the same script, with visuals vaguely varying but gameplay depressingly similar, then Rival software games may well be the answer to your prayers.

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In contrast to slot machine games that feature almost identical layouts and bonuses, and little to no apparent innovations or unique perspectives in table and video poker games, Rival games are some of the most interesting of any available for enjoyment by means of your mobile device.

Rival launched in 2006, and quickly made a name for itself with its i-Slots series, a totally innovative selection of games that offered players the chance to enjoy some very unusual, totally interactive features.

Totally Fresh Gameplay by Rival

The i-Slots line of games, where Rival first made its mark, are the main reason behind how well-known this company is today in the world of Canadian mobile casino games.

While they may initially seem to be very similar to other popular slots machines, with their five-reel format, moderate amount of paylines and standard themes, you will quickly learn the value of not judging a book by its cover once you have a closer look.

Each of these games feature a unique aspect by offering players the opportunity to take part in an unfolding story, and you will be invited during play to make your way through it by means of hitting bonus features and other milestones that will advance you and fill your pockets at the same time.

As an example, in the As the Reels Turn series, Canadian mobile casino game players will be enjoying a soap opera story line as they play, with a number of scenes being shown that are dramatic enough to do any daytime television show proud! In keeping with the often ridiculous plots and overly dramatic dialogue these shows have as a standard, the theme is explored alongside a very solid foundation for the slots that accompany it, and this incredibly innovative experience will draw you in to the fun far more quickly than standard reel play.

It is very difficult to stop a story before you have reached its conclusion, and these games make sure that continuing your play is worth your while in terms of both interest and amusement and the chance to boost your bankroll by means of your smartphone or tablet.

Great Slots with Great Stories by Rival

Other Rival games make use of this storytelling aspect in different ways. Heavyweight Gold, for example, has you fighting progressively more challenging opponents in the boxing ring as you make your way towards the title, and Hole in Won will have golf players teeing their way through a virtual mini golf course. With both these games, and the many others that Canadian mobile casinos make available, you can ensure that you are as interested in what eventually happens as you are in pocketing the real money prize. Other great titles include Japan-O-Rama, Reel Crime and Rock On.

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