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Android vs iPhone

Ever since the smartphone war really kicked into gear thanks to Apple and Samsung, the battle lines have been clearly demarcated with those backing Apple and the rest backing Android. Both operating systems are certainly not to be scoffed at as each comes with its own unique features. However, when it comes to mobile casino games, both Android smartphones and tablets and iPhones and iPads are perfectly adept at handling the high spec casino games available through our casino operators. So essentially, it doesn`t really matter which system you prefer as we`ve got you covered regardless. Having established that both systems are all clear, there are still a few variations you should be aware of in the Android vs iPhone debacle. Let’s take a look at what makes each operating system and mobile device unique, and why they both offer a premium playing experience for anyone wanting to enjoy top quality casino games on the go.

The iPhone Edge

The iPhone is the pioneer of all smartphone technology today. Were it not for this invention by Apple back in 2007, there wouldn`t be an Android smartphone. So in essence, Apple is responsible for Android! Now there are those who will be on the fence about this, but as the iPhone and iPad are made by Apple, there is a certain standard enforced, and a certain status perceived. Apple markets itself as a cut above the rest, and there`s no reason for it not to do so. The software is top-drawer, and the iPhone itself is truly a work of post-modern digital art with an interface smoother than any other out there and intuitive software apps that beat out the rest. On the downside, you`ll find much less free apps for the iPhone and much lesser apps on the whole, which is where Android comes out tops. All iPhone casino apps also have to be approved by Apple before they are added to the App Store, and this has both positive and negative connotations. It means that quality is always a priority and that players will only find top rated casino apps for iPhone, but it also means that there may be some casinos that opt to only release Android casino apps, as dealing with Apple may not be a priority for them.

The Android Edge

Android is like a socialist party, except this one actually works! Unlike Apple, Android does not discriminate against app developers nor against a number of smartphone manufacturers. Designed by Google and made to run across all types of phones and tablets, Android is definitely the people`s operating system and offers its users a lot more free apps. In terms of mobile casino games, Android does have a slight edge over the iPhone and this comes down to browser based game play. To simplify the matter, when it comes to mobile casino games, Android can be compared to the viper software of online casinos, while browser based gaming is very much like flash casino games. What does it mean? Not that much, but technically advanced mobile casino games such as the Jurassic Park would have to be downloaded and in a case like that, Android is king. When it comes to choice, Android really does come out on top, and the fact that anyone can add their own app to the Google Play Store ensures that a huge variety of games are always on offer. The lack of regulation may however be a downside, so if you do opt to download an Android casino app, make sure it’s from a reputable gaming site, especially if there’s real money play involved!


In conclusion, in the battle between Android and iPhone, there is no real winner. Both operating systems can be utilised for genuine cash rewards and both can play a large range of great mobile casino games including slots, video poker, roulette and blackjack. Apple compatible casino games offer their own advantages, as Android casino games do too, and players are often very brand or operating system loyal, and this determines the device and platform they prefer to play on. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal choice, but with such a huge selection of casino games available for both Android and iPhone, no one ever loses out!