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Ante-Post Betting

In Canada, the best mobile sports betting sites offer a wide range of bets on all the biggest sports. Most bets are placed on the day of the event, or even a few minutes before the game or match kicks off; with the exception of in-play sports bettings which take place while the event is in-play. There is one type of bet though that can be placed days, weeks or even months in advance.

What is Ante-Post Betting?

Ante-post betting, otherwise known as future betting is where bookmakers offer bets on events taking place more than a day or two in the future. The term ante-post is most commonly associated with horseracing betting. Usually punters will get their bets in on the day of the race as the runners have been finalised and the barrier draw has taken place.

Why Place an Ante-Post Bet?

As with most types of online bets, ante-poste betting has its advantages and disadvantages. With online horseracing sports betting, the odds offered with ante-post betting are generally much more favourable than those offered on race day. When the bet is loaded, the initial field of runners is quite large which means that the odds on each horse are quite a bit higher.

Getting your bet in early during ante-post betting can mean the difference between placing bet at odds or 3.50 during ante-post and 1.70 on race day. If your horse does win, you have effectively doubled your winnings by placing a futures bet. The downside of placing ante-post bets with an online or mobile sports betting site is that the final field of runners will not have been confirmed when the bet is placed.

The Disadvantages of Ante-Post Betting

With all horse races, the initial field is much larger than the actual number of runners in the race. Some horses pull out and other never actually make it to the event. The final field is only announced on race day at online sports betting Canada sites. If you have placed an ante-post bet and your horse isn’t included in the final field, you lose your bet. With ante-post betting, there is no coverage for non-runner bets.

The Exemption of Rule 4

On the other side of the coin, ante-post bets are exempt from Rule 4 deductions. Sports betting CA sites will implement a Rule 4 deduction only after the final declarations have been made. For those unfamiliar with the rule, it basically states that if a horse is declared a non-runner after the final declaration, all odds shift accordingly. So, if you backed a horse on race day at 4.00 and the favourite pulled out, your horse might be in contention and subsequently the odds will drop to 3.00 or even 2.50.

As you can see, ante-post betting has significant advantages for those brave enough to take the risk at a sports betting CA site. The odds are always going to be more enticing than that those closer to the event and in horseracing, it can work out well when rule 4 is implemented. In other sports, ante-post or futures bets can be placed on major sporting events such as the winners of the Rugby World Cup, the team who will win the Super Bowl, the men’s Wimbledon Champion or the Formula One Season Champion.