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Best Odds Guaranteed Promotions Explained

In the world online sports betting CA, there are plenty of promotions and free bets available if you know where to look. In Canada, just about every major online or mobile betting site offers bonuses or promotions in some form or another. Since the market is large and incredibly competitive, betting sites need to offer punters something special in order to attract them to their site and keep them there for the long run.

The most popular type of promotion offered at sports betting CA sites is the welcome bonus. This is where you are given a cash match bonus on your first deposit. This is usually a 100% match up to a certain Dollar limit. Free bets are another popular promotion for new members. For those who have been around a while, one promotion that certainly does offer value is the Best Odds Guaranteed.

How the Promotion Works?

At first glance, this may seem like just a marketing ploy to get punters to visit their site for the best sports betting odds on specific markets. Actually, what the site is referring to is a specific promotion which is mostly offered on horseracing or greyhound racing. In some cases, it does refer to motor racing or any sport where the starting odds are different from those initially offered. 

Anyone who is familiar with horseracing or mobile sports betting will know that bookmakers release their odds a few days before a horse race actually takes place. Most times, the odds will shift once the final field has been announced and again once the barrier draw has taken place. The odds offered here are called the starting price as they are the final odds when the horses start the race.

There are a number of factors that can influence the starting price, shifting it from those that were originally posted. Sometimes a horse drops out, becomes injured or the trainers choose to hold the horse for a diffident race. The reduced number of horses changes the entire dynamic of the race and the odds shift accordingly. In most cases though, the odds will shift downwards. If for example, you placed a bet on a horse at odds of 5.20 and one of the horses pulls out, your horse has a slightly better chance of winning now and the odds might just drop to 4.50 or lower.

When the Starting Price Increases

Sometimes the opposite happens. It could be that an additional runner was added to the program or new information came to light about how a horse is faring this season or even if one of the horses is known to perform better at this particular track. While the odds on this horse will decrease, the other horses might see a shift in odds going upwards. In such cases, the best mobile sports betting sites will offer Best Odds Guaranteed. What this means is that if your odds do shift upwards, you will be paid out the higher of the two.

Paying Out the Higher Odds on the Day of the Race

Let’s look at a simple example. If you placed a bet on a horse at odds of 3.60 two days before the race and by the time the final field and barrier draw was announced, your odds actually shifted to 5.60, you would potentially have lost a bit of money on the bet already. In fact, the difference would be $2.00 for every $1 you bet.

If the Best Odds Guaranteed is in effect, the betting site will actually pay you out on the 5.60 odds and not the 3.60. You may think this is generous of the online sports betting Canada site, but in reality, the odds generally shift the other way. It is also good marketing for the site and a great way to attract punters.