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Combination Bets and Mobile Sports Betting

When it comes to online and mobile sports betting, there are many different strategies that a punter can use to maximise their winnings, and minimise their losses. Of the various strategies employed, placing combination bets is possibly the safest and simplest way to improve your chances of making a small profit.

In its most basic form, combinations are all about achieving more coverage, thereby reducing the risk and maximising your chances of pulling in a win. Let’s say you have $300 in which to on a day of horseracing. You could place the entire $300 on a single horse to win one of the races. If the horse were to win, you will pull in a significant profit, however, your chance of actually winning would be quite low and you would most likely end up losing your entire stake.

Reducing the Risk and Splitting the Stake

Another option is to split up your stake and place 3 separate wagers of $100 each on 3 different races. If any one of the horses wins their race at odds of 3/1 or higher, you will make a profit, even if the other 2 lose. This is the basic concept; to create a lower risk profile and to maximise your chances of pulling in some sort of win. The amount you win may be lower, but at least you win something.

In the same scenario, you could also place 6 wagers at $50 each on horses with odds of 6/1 or higher. This would give you even greater coverage and if just one wins at greater odds of 6/1, you will have made a profit. In the real world, these bets don’t just consist of singles, they also incorporate doubles, trebles and multi’s in order to maximise your spread.

Popular Options Online

Most online sports betting Canada sites offer combinations that cover all the different types of wagering options in one, including doubles, trebles and accumulators. These are known as full cover punts and are extremely popular with horseracing enthusiasts. They have all been given their own nicknames, and these will soon become familiar to those who enjoy this type of wagering.

The most popular full cover combinations include:

  • The Trixie – This is the most popular of these wagers placed online and consists of just 3 selections and a total of 4 wagers. With a Trixie, a punt is placed on 3 doubles and 1 treble.
  • The Yankee – A Yankee involves 4 selections with a total of 11 punts. 6 of these are placed on doubles, 4 are placed on trebles, and one is played on a 4x accumulator.
  • The Heinz – A Heinz is a rather large punt on 6 different selections. There are a total of 57 punts in a Heinz, 20 of which are trebles, 15 are doubles, 15 are 4-folds, 6 are 5-fold and 1 is a 6-fold bet.
  • The Goliath – This is the largest type offered at the best mobile sports betting sites. With a Goliath, a punt is placed on 8 different selections and consists of 247 separate parts. 70 are placed on 4-folds, 56 on trebles, 56 on 5-folds, 28 on doubles, 28 on 6-folds, 8 7-fold, and a single 8-fold.

Wagering with Singles

In some cases, punters can choose to place combinations that include singles. These also have nicknames and include:

  • The Patent – A Trixie with 3 singles added.
  • Lucky 15 – This is a Yankee with 4 singles added.
  • Lucky 31 – A Lucky 31 is a Yankee with 5singles added.
  • Lucky 63 – This is a Heinz with an additional 6 singles added.