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Betting Each Way in Online Sports Betting

When enjoying a bit of online sports betting it’s safe to say that everyone is always looking for a way to make the best profits. As you develop your skills and style, you’ll have more of an idea of what that means for you.

Some people love to put money down on everything on a single event, others prefer to lower their risk even if it means reducing the potential payouts too. For many people, what they choose to do depends on their knowledge of the situation and potential contenders.

Either way, to make the decisions that work for you at the best mobile sports betting sites that we present to you here, you need to understand your options properly. With that in mind, we bring you the following guidelines on Each-Way Betting.

Getting To Grips With The Basics

Some people think of this form of wagering as a kind of insurance; you are wagering not only on a Win but also on a Place. Races and tournaments, where there are a few winners and several placers by default, are good opportunities for Each-Way bets. Individual matches, however, where there is only ever a winner and a single runner-up, are not suitable.

With these wagers, you put money on the same contender to win and not to win, but to place. These are also always equal; a CAD10-punt means you have wagered CAD10 that your selection will come first, and CAD10 that it will come within a set number of places. Your total stake, in other words, is CAD20.

The odds and payouts of the Place Bet are calculated as a fraction of the Win; since the chances of Placing within a group are always better than the chances of Winning outright, the payouts are correspondingly lower. This is the compromise that you need to weigh up in every situation where Each-Way betting is an option.

You’ll see the specifics in the top right-hand corner of the listed odds; it will say EW or E/W followed by the race’s fraction, and how many places the selection can finish in. If you see EW 1/5 1-2-3, for example, you are paid out the Place part if your horse comes first, second or third.

Following this example, imagine you put CAD5 down in this situation, with winning odds of 10/1. That means that the successful Win prediction will return CAD55 (the profit and the stake), and a successful Place will get you CAD15(the profit is CAD10, because 1/5 of 10 to 1 odds is 2, and this is added to the stake again.

Importantly, you don’t get more for your Place Bet if a horse comes second rather than third. In addition, it should be noted that Double, Triple and Accumulators can also have an Each-Way structure. However, if a single selection does not Win or Place, you forfeit everything. This makes them incredibly risky – although, as always for our recommended sites for the sports betting CA punters have available, this is matched by equally high rewards.

When to Wager

These wagers increase your chance of getting something out of your stake, especially if there are no strong favourites, but your ultimate payout is less than a winning straight punt would be. If you have inside information about different contestants’ performances, or feel that a horse has a good chance of placing but may not win, the Each-Way option may be your best course of action. They definitely take time to master, but the effort is well worth it. Start trying the bets out at our recommended sports betting sites and see what you think.