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Popular Forms of Betting in Canada

Online and mobile sports betting are popular ways for punters and sports enthusiasts to place wagers on games and major sporting events. While most people are not aware of it, there are actually a number of different forms of betting available online.

For Canadians, the fixed odds or future bets are the most popular, but there are plenty of other betting options for the avid punter. We take a look a few of the most popular forms of betting in the country.

Fixed Odds Betting

As mentioned above, fixed odds betting is the most popular type of bet offered online. As the name suggests, fixed odds bets are bets where the odds are known and fixed in place for the specific wager. Even if the odds change at a later date, the bet will pay out the agreed odds posted when the bet was initially placed. The best mobile sports betting sites all offer fixed bets in some form or another. Future bets or ante-post bets are also a form of fixed odds betting as the odds stay the same regardless of the outcome.

In-Play Betting

While it is actually a form of fixed odds betting, in-play betting is significantly different to many other types of bets. With in-play betting, the bets only open as soon as the event gets underway. As the match/game or event unravels, the odds shift every 10 minutes or whenever a significant piece of action occurs. In soccer, this could be the scoring of a goal or in boxing, the landing of a significant right hook. In-play sports betting requires a lot more attention to detail and knowledge about the sport in order to be successful.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is one of the riskiest forms of betting available online. While similar to totals betting, with this type of bet, punters can win or lose many times their stake and the final amount is unknown when the bet is placed. With spread betting, a punter stakes a point value on the line. If a team scores above or below the line, the amount won or lost is equal to the number of points away from the line multiplied by their stake.

Exchange Betting

Exchange betting is a type of social betting and takes place at exchange betting sites. With regular sports betting, the online bookmaker lays the bet. With exchange betting, putters can choose to play the role of the bookmaker and lay any bet or back any bet. The odds are agreed between the two parties involved and the exchange site takes a percentage of the winnings.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

Also known as pool betting, many sports betting CA sites will offer pari-mutuel betting on horseracing and other racing events. With pari-mutuel betting, all the bets on a specific event go into a collective pool. The biggest difference here is that the odds are not known until the betting has closed. Once all the bets have been placed, the total pool money is split between the subsequent winners while the betting site take a hosting fee.