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In Play Betting

Live or in play betting is exciting and potentially very rewarding, and it offers sports fans an alternative way to win. Instead of the usual pre-game stakes where you put money on your predictions for the outcome of future matches and races, live online sportsbetting happens in real time, as events unfold.

The action is streamed in real time at the bookmaker that you’ve signed up with, and you get to place and adjust wagers in response to what is happening on the track or field. This is a challenging way to bet on the mobile sports Canada has to offer, but it’s also a great way to use and develop your understanding.

Respond Quickly to Changing Odds

The odds in online sportsbetting change approximately every 10 minutes when a game is in progress. You can keep track of what is happening on your smartphone or tablet, but if you can’t do anything about the events this can be more stressful than anything else. Imagine putting a large amount of money on a Hockey team, and then watching as they fail to score and eventually lose.

In play betting offers a solution to this issue. At certain points during a match, you can place, raise or lower your stakes to minimise losses or maximise wins. Since you are responding to what is actually happening you have a better chance of being right, and bookmakers often compensate for this advantage with smaller payouts. Don’t worry though; they can still be very lucrative.

Choose from Diverse Markets

Theoretically, you can wager live on anything that is available for pre-game mobile sportsbetting in Canada. In practice, there are usually fewer in play betting options on a site, and you might need to spend some time looking for the markets that you want.

The most common live markets are Football, Tennis and Basketball. All the usual stakes are possible, such as Over/Under predictions, who will actually win, and who will score the first goal or point. Specific propositions such as the time of the next score, which are unique to in play betting, are also popular.

Develop Unique Insights

If you are paying attention to what’s happening on the field, and making changes to your wagers in response, you can’t help but learn more about the mobile sports Canada operators allow you to bet on. Doing background research is as important as ever, but live markets are a great way to add to your understanding of a sport. As well as all of this, you will be thinking on your feet and enhancing your knowledge of different types of stakes.

Successful In Play Betting Tips

With live wagering, our most important piece of advice is to make sure you are prepared. The more you know about how players interact and work together, or how an athlete copes with unexpected events, the better you will be able to think quickly and make snap decisions.

You also need to make sure that you manage your bankroll properly. To give yourself the leeway required to change your strategy, it’s advisable to stake about half of your budget at the beginning of a game and then use the rest as the action progresses. This gives you enough room to manoeuvre, but still establishes a starting point, which acts as a touchstone when you are deciding what to do next.

Finally, of course, make sure you are registered with one of our recommended sites when you engage in this kind of mobile sportsbetting in Canada. That way, you will be treated fairly and have access to the most competitive odds, the widest markets and the most generous bonuses!