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Sports Betting and Horse Racing International Rules

Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports betting markets in Canada. A major international horse race can attract thousands of visitors to the track, while hundreds of thousands more wager online. While there is certainly a lot of racing action happening in Canada, the majority of bets are going to be placed on international races. Before putting down any money, it is important to read and understand the international rules as set out by the sportsbook. While these differ from country to country, we take a look at the general rules for racing bets.

Racing Deductions

With some races, it may happen that a horse is withdrawn from the starting line-up, even after the final selections have been made. In such cases, the international rules state that all fixed odds bets will be scrapped, and the remaining horses will be subject to deductions. These will be calculated in accordance to the territory and country. It is important to check the deductions table as laid out on the sports betting CA site.

Ante Post Betting

Ante post bets are those placed at least a day before the race is run. These odds generally differ from the starting price. The international rules of ante post bet state that if the horse does not run, then the bet is lost. If the race is abandoned for any reason, then it is voided.


With mobile sports betting, it sometimes happens that a horse race is postponed. In such cases, the international rules revert to those of the region where it is being run. In most cases, if it is postponed within 2 days of scheduling, all bets remain the same. If it is postponed more than 48 hours after its initial scheduling, then it is considered to have been abandoned.

Best Odds Guaranteed

The best mobile sports betting sites all offer Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG). However, the rules for this promotion differ depending on the region or country. The promotions states that if a fixed wager is placed on a horse and the starting price is higher, then the higher odds are given. In the UK, best odds guaranteed is offered on all starting prices. In Australia, no SP prices are given for the promotion.


It may be rare, but in some cases, a race is ordered to be re-run. This could be for a number of reasons, such as a false start or problems with the track. If a re-run is ordered, it is best to check the online sports betting Canada site for the international rules. While the rules may differ from country to country for re-runs, most of the time, the starting price bets will be paid out at whatever the odds are when it finally take place. With re-runs, the standard deductions apply to scratching and dead heats, while ante post wagers stand as is.

International Rules on Specific Bets

Online sports betting Canada sites offer a wide range of options on each race. The international rules for each may be different from those in Canada. With the case of win wagers, all straight wins will be refunded in the case of scratched selections. Refunds can occur if “no contests” is declared for the race.

Placing bets are popular with Canadian punters and must also adhere to the international rules if run outside of Canada. The international rules state that an event must have 3 or more runners for a placing to be accepted. If the event is scratched, all wagers are refunded.

Now you know a bit more about the rules, you can enjoy greater success at the best mobile sports betting sites that we suggest!