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Live Sports Betting

If you are familiar with sports betting in Canada, chances are you have heard of live betting. With most sports bets, the betting odds will be posted before the event takes place and betting will close as soon as the even begins. Live sports betting is different. In this case, online betting sites will open up the live betting as soon as the event begins and the betting odds will be updated every 10 minutes or after any significant change in the game.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is also known as in play sports betting and can add a whole new dimension to the world of betting sports. In most cases, live betting is offered on team sports or any other sport where the game shifts quite rapidly. In Canada, live betting is offered on ice hockey, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis and all the major sports. Live betting is ideal for anyone who has a keen understanding of the sport and can predict a sudden turning of the game. In this way it can be far more profitable than regular sports betting.

Get to Grips with In Play Sports Betting

To understand in play sports betting properly, let’s look at a simple example. If there was a major NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Denver Broncos, the best mobile sports betting brands might have the Eagles at odds of 1.5, and the Broncos at 1.9. While the Broncos are the underdogs, the payout for any bet on the Broncos is rather insignificant. If you bet before the game starts, you would have to resign yourself to these odds. If the betting site were to offer in play sports betting on the game, the betting odds might just shift.

Ever-Changing Odds

Live sports betting kicks off the moment the game starts. If, in our above example, the Eagles run in a few touchdowns in the first quarter, the Broncos odds might just jump to 2.50 or even 4.00. If at half time, the Eagles have a lead of 52 points, the Broncos would be at 7.00 or maybe even as high as 10.00. If you placed a bet on the Broncos at this point, you could potentially win $10 for every $1 stake.

If you are a keen football enthusiast and you know that the Broncos have the tendency to come back late in the game, you can place a live fixed odds bet at 7.00 or 10.00. If the Broncos do come out and suddenly start running in touchdowns, the odds will shift back down. This doesn’t change your payout since your odds were fixed at the time of betting. If the Broncos do win the game, you will cash in on a bet at odds that even the best sports betting brands could not offer at the start of the game.

Taking the Risk

Live in play betting can be a great way to extend your betting repertoire and find better odds on games you enjoy. Compared to regular online sports betting, live betting is slightly riskier and requires a lot more information about the sport, the teams and the players themselves in order to predict how a game can turn while in play.