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Find Out More About Moneyline Odds

When it comes to finding the best mobile sports betting sites in Canada, you already know you can turn to us. We’ve found all the superior, and trustworthy, opportunities for online sports betting Canada has to offer. To make sure you have the greatest time possible, though, we’ve gone even further.

In addition to recommendations for great sites for mobile sports betting CA punters can find guidelines to different sports, bets, bonuses and odds systems. When you understand all of these factors, and as you spend more time engaging in sports betting, you’ll be able to consider how each of them influences all the rest.

Armed with these insights, the bets you place will be more successful; you’ll have a better time and will walk away with bigger payouts too. The odds for each event or occurrence represent the likelihood, or the probability in other words, that it will occur. Land-based bookmakers and online sports betting sites set the odds themselves, based on their own insights.

If you know what the risk and potential reward of something has been set at, you can measure it against all the other information you have and decide on the move you’d like to make in the specific situation. You need to learn about all the odds systems that are used in sports betting, and we have guidelines for each one. For now, let’s consider moneyline odds.

A Counter to Point Spread Odds

Moneyline odds are also called American Odds, since they are the most popular form of odds at North American sports betting sites. The other type of odds that is very widespread in the United States is points spread odds, and moneyline odds are essentially the opposite of these. Points spread odds work by evening the playing field between the favourite team and the underdog; the former has points taken away from its final score, and the latter has points added. This means that the final score you see in a game that you placed a points spread bet on is not the one used when payouts are made; even if the team you backed wins, you might still lose.

Moneyline bets, in contrast to points spread wagers; refer to straight-up odds or probabilities of an outcome actually occurring. If the odds of a result are completely even, such as both sides having an equal chance of winning, you won’t see any symbols on the numbers for moneyline bets. Odds that are better than even get a + sign in front of the number, while odds that are worse get a – sign. The odds are also always multiples of 100, and show you how much you will be paid out for 100 coins.

Positive odds of +900, for example, show that for every 100 coins you bet, you’ll get 900 back if you win. Negative odds of -900 show that, in order to walk away with 100 coins in wins; you’ll need to wager 900 coins. In both cases, you are shown what it will take you to get to the money line of 1000 coins.

Try Working with Moneyline Odds Today

If you’re ready to put your understanding of moneyline sports bets to the test, we’ve got the best mobile sports betting sites for you to test out your skills on, and you can play them whenever you like from wherever you are in Canada! Start with smaller amounts and, as your confidence and understanding grows, you can bet more with moneyline odds. At our recommended sites, you’ll enjoy every moment of the experience.