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Spread Betting in Sports Betting Explained

When enjoying online or mobile sports betting, many punters in Canada tend to stick to traditional fixed odds bets. In doing so, they simply bet on a team or sportsperson to win or lose a match.

This is great fun, and can result in decent profits. However, those punters are missing out on the suspense, the thrill, and the incredible possibilities offered by spread betting. Available at the best mobile sports betting sites, this is a type of betting in which you bet that a prediction made by the bookmaker’s Sporting Index is wrong.

The most popular wagering type of this kind runs across an entire season, be it football, hockey, or another sport. This type of wagering is also an option in novelty markets such as financial betting and is a favourite of those who enjoy watching the world’s stock markets rise and fall.

At a Glance

For spread betting, online sports betting Canada sites we recommend use a Sporting Index to predict the range in which the market will settle. For example, a bookmaker’s Index will predict that a specific team will accumulate between 74.5 and 76 points in a season.

You then need to bet that the total number of points accumulated by the team will be lower or higher than the range predicted by the bookmaker. This means no winnings or losses are agreed upon when you first place your bet.

Whether you think the final tally will be higher or lower than the bookmaker’s prediction, you bet a specific amount of money per point. So, if the spread is between 74.5 and 76 points, and you think the team’s final tally will be higher, say, at 80 points, you bet an amount of money per point and your prediction. In this case, you might bet CA$10 on each of the 4 points in the difference between 76 and 80. The same principle applies if you think the team’s tally will be lower than the bookmaker’s prediction.

If the team’s final tally is higher, you will win CA$10 per point by which the team’s tally exceeded the spread. On the other hand, if you bet that the tally would be higher, and the final tally turns out to be lower, you lose CA$10 per point by which the team missed making the spread predicted by the bookmaker.

Spread Betting Wins and Losses

The world of sports and betting on them is an exciting one, in which anything could happen at any moment. As much as the bookmakers we recommend like to think that they are spot on, teams regularly accumulate more or fewer points than predicted by those sites’ Sporting Indices. If you bet that a team will exceed the Indices’ prediction, and they do, your bet could pay out a fortune.

You must remember though that this type of wager could result in big winnings, but it could also result in big losses. It really can go either way, so you need to budget accordingly and manage your bankroll sensibly.

Thankfully, the bookmakers that we rate and review for punters in Canada do offer you a way to minimise any losses you could incur when wagering this way. When placing your bet, you can set a point as a Stop Loss. Basically, the moment the team hits the number you set as the stop point, you bet will be cancelled.

Spread betting is exciting, and it offers you plenty of chances to put your sporting knowledge to the test. Enjoy wagering at the quality sports betting CA bookmakers we recommend and see if you can back a winner today.