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The Thrill of Tote Sports Betting

Shake up the sports betting action you enjoy at the quality bookmakers recommended by Mobilecasinocanada.ca! Try your hand at tote betting when next you bet on a sporting event, horse, or greyhound race, and the profits could come pouring in.

Tote betting is very different to the traditional moneyline bets placed by millions of Canadian punters at their favourite online and mobile sports betting sites. Bookmaker-speak for the totalisator system, which is another name for a pari-mutuel system, many experienced punters enjoy wagering this way.

It might sound a little complicated at the beginning, but placing this type of wager online is easy peasy. Find out how you can start placing totalisator wagers at the leading online bookmakers that we recommend and see if you can land a big win.

A Closer Look at The Totalisator System

Tote betting sees all the money bet on a sport even or race pooled together by the bookmaker. The payouts are determined by the amount of money wagered on the participants in the event.

Basically, this means that the favourite, on which the majority of punters have backed, will yield the smallest payouts, while the underdog, on which few punters bet, will pay much better returns. As for tote odds, they can, and do fluctuate until the market closes, which is when the event begins, and the final dividends are determined. The fluctuations in price at leading online sports betting Canada sites are determined by how much money is being bet on the participants in the event.

Wagering On Mobile

One of the ways in which these bets differ from traditional wagers such as moneyline bets, in which you simply bet on a team, athlete, horse, or hound to win an event or race, is the options you are offered.

In events or races in which several participants are involved, the bookmakers we promote offer you what are known as Win or Place, and Each-Way options. If you take a Win or Place option, you would then bet on one of those participants to win, or on one of those participants to place in the top 3.

If your wager was on a participant to win, and they do, you get the odds of that participant winning. If you bet on them to place, they simply need to cross the finish line or otherwise qualify among the top 3. If the participant you backed does place in the top 3, you get that participant’s place odds.

If you decide to take the Each-Way option, you bet on a participant to win and to place. If the participant on which you bet wins, you get the win and the place odds. If the participant only manages to place, you do not get the win odds, but you do get the place odds.

This type of wagering offers greater flexibility than moneyline wagers. In fact, we could go as far as saying that, when you opt for the each-way option at one of the best mobile sports betting sites, it is a bit like hedging your bet. Rather than staking everything on one participant to win, you are placing a bet with leeway, so even if the one you are backing does not win but places, you get something for your efforts.

Online Bookmakers You Can Trust

Whether you want to place tote, moneyline, prop, or other types of bets, you will want to do it at a sports betting CA site you can trust. The best way to find reputable Canadian bookmakers with secure banking, exciting promotions, thousands of markets, and much more, is to read the honest reviews at Mobilecasinocanada.ca.