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Betting On Virtual Sports Online

Virtual sports are a sportsbetting option that, like a good wine, is improving with age. It focuses on football, baseball, racing, and other related games or races in which punters bet on results produced by Random Number Generators.

In some regions, the term is also used to refer to a genre within eSports or competitive video gaming. It is something that has only been possible since the early days of video games, and the genre has grown in leaps and bounds in recent decades. The mobile and online sportsbetting opportunities it now offers Canadians make it a category worth considering, if players have never tried it before.

The Basics

The mobile sportsbetting in Canada offered by the category at the best bookmakers is much like putting money on the real thing, such as a match between 2 live teams. When bets are placed on virtual sports, they are being placed on games in which player skill does not determine the outcomes.

Virtual players can be added to teams or dropped from them, and they can be removed from play if their real-life counterpart is not playing due to injury. Matches, in which players’ movements are controlled by RNG, are shown every few minutes, day and night. In the case of horse racing options, the speeds at which the horses run, as well as the winner, are determined by RNG. Similar bet types are offered to those found in the real-life markets for mobile sportsbetting in Canada.

What About eSports?

As mentioned, the term virtual sports is sometimes used to refer to a specific genre of eSports. For the sake of clarity, that also will be explained.

The moves of the simulated players in the games are controlled by the individuals or teams of players playing them. The events covered by the best bookmakers are usually tournaments and other competitions, so in that case, bets are placed on which gaming team will win, rather than which virtualised football or baseball team will win.

Notable or Popular Events

If the virtual sports being offered at a bookmaker are all about RNG gameplay, there may be fantasy teams selected for offerings that relate so a real-world event, such as the FIFA World Cup. What many punters prefer, however, are events such as those organised by the Electronic Sports League (ELS).

Those organised for game-specific Pro Leagues, as well as its ESL One events, attract scores of punters, and a flurry of wagering activity, as the competition between participants is fierce.

Range of Markets

The virtual mobile sports Canada category offers a selection of markets, with the most popular being football, baseball, hockey, and horse racing. Even among eSports, there are plenty of opportunities for online sportsbetting on an Android, iOS, or other mobile device.

The markets include the likes of FIFA and Rocket League, both of which are multi-player games, as well as Formula 1. Rather than being played by teams of players, the competitive gaming edition is played by players who play as individual members of a league.

What You Need to Know Before You Bet

 If you have chosen to bet on RNG virtual sports, there are a couple of things of which you need to be aware. Firstly, the only odds available on those games are the odds supplied by that bookmaker.

As player skill does not influence results in any way, you cannot draw on your knowledge of the real-world markets when placing bets. If you want to bet on eSports teams, approach the market the way you would any other competitive one, and place informed bets.