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New Mobile Casinos

The mobile casino industry is the fastest growing wagering industry out there. For the longest time, online casino gaming (PC-based gaming) was the leader, but smartphone technology has made sure that this is no longer the case. In today’s era of compact devices, portability and in essence, what can only be called mini computers that fit into our hands, mobile casinos have made the biggest splash to date in an industry that’s more than 20 years old. Competition is healthy and rife and thus each year a new mobile casino operator will emerge and not just one but a few. Our job, as you know, is to point you towards these new mobile casinos and to advise you to the best of our abilities. The idea is to have you as clued up as possible so that when you choose, you’re choosing right. So what is it that we look for in new mobile casinos? Well, quite a bit actually, the answers of which can be found below.


A bonus is not the first thing that we look at but we know it’s something that many players do, which is why it’s the first thing we’ve chosen to focus on. Known as the bread and butter of all mobile casinos out there, bonuses are an indication of the operator’s generous nature. And it’s not just about the welcome bonus, something usually sizeable and meant to reel in the player almost instantly, which we look at. We want to know what else will be made available from the new mobile casino. We look at subsequent bonuses and offers and their regularity. We also look at comp and point systems and whether or not VIP programmes are available.

Another thing we look at are wagering and play through requirements, a vital and often overlooked component. Not all mobile casinos will offer the same play through requirements, that’s just a fact, but the ideal is to find one that offers lower play through requirements. It’s important to draw the line between realistic and unrealistic expectations, although having said that, in the world of gambling anything can happen.

Games at New Mobile Casinos

This may seem like a no-brainer but it is one of the most important attributes of any new mobile casino – the games. The games are after all why you are really there. If a bonus is the bread, the butter is the game. So when we look at a new mobile casino we look at the number of games available, the range of games to play and the software providers that provide these games.

We usually consider anything above the 100 mark to be entering into decent territory, the higher the better. Then of course we look at the kind of games available. The most important ones are card and table games and mobile pokies. These are essential because they are the most commonly played. It bodes well for the new mobile casino in question to also offer live dealer casino games as they have gained incredible traction and have pulled in a new market of players. Sports betting is another part of the gaming experience that we look out for. Like live dealer casino games, sports betting and in this case, mobile sports betting is enjoying phenomenal growth and by not having it, a new mobile casino could be selling itself short.

Finally we look at the software provider or providers. It’s OK for a new mobile casino to be partnered with only one provider, as long as that provider has a large body of gaming content. However, in today’s climate of gaming, players have grown used to more options and the only way this is achieved is through wide sourcing policies. Put another, it’s fine to just be powered by NetEnt but it’s better to be powered by NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech.


Regulation is key. We cannot recommended a new mobile casino if it’s not regulated. Regulation ensures compliance and compliance ensures fairness and safety- vital components of any operator – old or new. Regulation is contained within a string of island territories around the world, all with varying degree of influence and reach. Put another way, each regulatory body has the ability to provide a new mobile casino with leeway into various markets and parts of the world. A new mobile casino must be regulated because regulation gives the operator legitimacy and also makes sure that the mobile casino adheres to safe and fair gaming practices that includes prompt payments when a player wins, external auditing of the games on offer and the support of responsible gaming through one of the various established help groups such as Gamcare. We trust this information has been helpful and that it will assist you in making a decision when joining up with a new mobile casino.