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Are Social Casinos the New Thing?

David Burgundy | 23 Mar 2017

Social CasinosThe concept of Social Casinos has been around for several years, but it only really gathered momentum around 2012 and 2013. It’s possible for land-based Social Casinos to exist, but the integration into online social media platforms such as Facebook and the development of Social Casino apps for smartphones and tablets are what really took these areas of entertainment to the next level.

Social Casinos exist for several reasons, and may be affiliated with your favourite offline or online real-money casinos. What they all have in common is that they recreate real money casino games beautifully, but allow you to play without any financial risk. They are also designed to allow you to interact with other players, creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

A Casino Complement

Social Casinos allow existing real money casinos to continue their brand exposure and encourage loyalty among new and existing players. It’s also a good way for the casinos to showcase any new games or real money promotions.

For both online and land-based casinos, their social platforms allow extended contact with each player. This allows them to tailor each individual’s experience more specifically to their taste, and to track and note their behaviour patterns so that they can respond accordingly.

A more advanced system of catering to your needs is beneficial to everyone, on every level; you have more fun, casinos turn more profit, and everything works more seamlessly. Adding mobile platforms to this mix, for even more convenient daily life access, makes Social Casinos even better suited to the demands of modern players.

Social Money Spending

Having an existing platform certainly makes it easier for Social Casinos to gain a foothold in the market and be successful. Social Casinos that are not affiliated with any real money casinos can do very well out of their own promotions.

The promotions run at Social Casinos usually involve you spending more money, for an enhanced experience, thereby generating revenue for the platform. This has become hugely successful, and for online and mobile Social Casinos this usually involves in-app purchases. With such in-app spending being the bulk of where most people dedicate their funds for other apps too, this is right on trend.

A Market That Makes Room for All

Brands such as Zynga, JackpotParty and Gametwist are ideal examples of Social Casinos that have made a huge impact on the industry, and attract millions of players on a daily basis with their free to play entertainment. They’ve proven that Social Casinos are a major source of revenue, and they increase people’s enthusiasm for casino games in general. Without the worry of real money wagers, individuals who would never otherwise consider casino games are often won over, and may then move on to real money games.

To drive growth in the casino industry, it’s best if all operators expand, and Social Casinos can be a great help here. Rather than threatening real money casinos, Social Casinos, whether affiliated with a real money platform or not, facilitate the growth of all gambling establishments.

On an individual level, players are encouraged to enjoy real money and Social Casinos, in both the online and offline arenas. Many people use Social Casino platforms to make new friends and to get some practice, while others simply want to spend some time on their favourite games without any monetary risk or social interaction. At real money casinos players are often after a big win, and want to take advantage of the enormous jackpots that are available online. Regardless of what players are looking for, Social and Real Money casinos fulfil the need.

At present, there’s space in the market for both Social Casinos and the more traditional money gaming sites. Each offers its own benefits and can run concurrently without causing the other any loss. Instead, the 2 gaming options may very well spur players on to try something new.